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Tan Unjo

CJORN in Amoy, Dec. 18, 1877. Educated in Amoy schools. Came
^ to the Philippines in 1898. First employed in Cang Suco, Chinese
firm. Remained in position three years, after which, quit to estab-
lish own business with brothers, capitalized at P30,000. Later formed
another company engaged in importation of Saigon rice, with
Benito Unchuan, Cang Suco, Cu Unjieng, etc. Firm discontinued
1920, and following year, entered Hoa Hin Co., Inc. as assistant man-
ner. On death of Benito Unchuan, left position to become manager
•• Pastrano Unchuan & Co., one of the oldest and biggest firms in
Cebu, engaged in importing and exporting, shipping, etc.

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