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Started by First Last on Saturday, September 10, 2016
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9/10/2016 at 5:45 PM

This is just one of the Mary Poole/Poore/Poley women who have been invented to be a wife of Nicholas Hopkins. The Mary who was born there and died then (though not in London) is the try by someone to try for Plantagenet status for someone with the maiden name Poley.

Anne Wentworth and John Poley's daughter, Mary Poley (really was born abt 1552 in Suffolk) married "John Lany, Gentleman of Ipswich" around 1578 in Suffolk. Mary and John Lany both died in 1633 in Ipswich, Suffolk (not London).

"In the church is a handsome monument to the memory of "JOHN LANY, of Cratfield, in Suffolk, Gent. a Counsellor at Law, and Recorder of Ipswich. He had been 48 years Justice of the Peace, in Suffolk. Mary his wife, daughter of John Poley, of Bradley, Esqr. and of Anne, eldest daughter of Lord Thomas Wentworth, Baron of Nettlestead. He died aged 81--she and he both in 1633. John, his eldest son, Counsellor at Law, who succeeded in his place, and Benjamin, his youngest son, Doctor in Divinity, and Master of Pembroke Hall, in Cambridge, his only surviving children, set up this monument to his memory.""

Mary Poley never married a Nicholas Hopkins . She only got assigned to him after people figured out that Mary Poole was bogus. We know Mary Poole (sister of Giles Poole) didn't marry him. The next option was a Mary Poore seen on some trees with a mother dying 3 yrs before Mary was born and a father dying in the 1550s in Frederick, Maryland.

Currently there are 3,291 Ancestry Trees that have Mary, dau of Anne Wentworth and father John, married to Nicholas Hopkins instead of John Lany. Not one of them has documentation. Since there are no records that means every one of them was copied from somewhere else that is wrong.

9/11/2016 at 9:48 AM

Disconnected Anne Paine Hopkins, {fictional} (this fictitious Mary Poole's fictitious descendant) from the real Edward Fuller, "Mayflower" Passenger as husband.

I'm going to label the grouping "fictional" in hopes the profile manager deletes them. If there are matches they should be merged & isolated.

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