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Started by Mike Stangel on Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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11/1/2016 at 1:43 PM

You probably know that Geni allows you to merge duplicate profiles so that we can collectively build a single family tree with as little duplication as possible. Until now, once a merge was completed there was no way to go back and see what the two profiles looked like before the merge. The data conflict table will show you when key profile data conflict, but wouldn't it be nice to see the same side-by-side comparison page that was used to do the merge in the first place? Starting today you can!

Whenever a profile is merged, the Revisions tab on the profile will display an item that reads, "<some name> was merged into <this profile's name> by <some user>." This will now be followed immediately with a link labeled "view" that, when clicked, will take you to a side-by-side view of what these profiles looked like (including immediate family) before the merge. This is especially helpful if there have been multiple merges and one of them brought in bad data -- now they can be reviewed individually so that a curator or Geni admin can undo just the bad merge.

Along with this change, we've improved the side-by-side comparison page to always place the profile that will remain after the merge, on the left. This way you'll know what to expect once the merge is completed.

We hope you find these changes useful!

11/1/2016 at 1:57 PM

Mike Stangel,

Can you please make the side-by-side view have two boxes that are the same width as it is a little hard to compare them.


11/1/2016 at 2:52 PM

Kevin Lawrence Hanit I thought they were?! I DID change them from both being the same number of pixels wide to both being the same percentage of the page, but on my system that looked identical. Can you post a screen shot so I can see what you're seeing?

11/1/2016 at 3:46 PM

Mike - I think you fixed it already. I saw what Kevin did a bit ago, but now I'm good.

11/1/2016 at 3:56 PM

Mike Stangel,

Looks OK to me. Haven't seen one with a note above only one of the profiles.

11/1/2016 at 7:27 PM

Mike Stangel I think I may have just seen a case where the side by side comparison had boxes that were a different width when looking at some merges...

One profile had the "Proceed with caution" note in red and the other one did not so maybe that had something to do with it?

Private User
11/1/2016 at 7:56 PM

Thank you!!
My only suggestion - not sure "Cancel" is the best term at the bottom. Sort of, at least to me, suggests you have Reviewed the Merge and now are requesting it be Cancelled. Possibly "Return to Profile" ?

11/1/2016 at 11:53 PM


11/2/2016 at 1:13 AM

Brilliant! Thanks

11/2/2016 at 5:12 AM

Thank you Mike. Nice improvement to profile positioning in the side-by-side comparison page.

11/2/2016 at 6:19 AM

Mike Stangel,

That's exactly when the problem or bug shows up.


Private User
11/17/2016 at 12:46 PM

re: "Whenever a profile is merged, the Revisions tab on the profile will display an item that reads, "<some name> was merged into <this profile's name> by <some user>." This will now be followed immediately with a link labeled "view" that, when clicked, will take you to a side-by-side view of what these profiles looked like (including immediate family) before the merge."

Mike Stangel - There is one field that is always showing in that display as current value, irrespective of value at time of merge -- that is Privacy Setting of the Main profile. Can this be fixed?

11/17/2016 at 12:59 PM

Thanks Private User -- I'll see what we can do! (should be... privacy is one of our revision fields)

11/18/2016 at 11:41 AM

Private User the Privacy Setting field should be correct now, when reviewing merges.

Private User
11/28/2016 at 4:53 PM

Mike Stangel - Thanks much for fixing that and all the corrections you made recently!!
hoping you can do one more -- another apparent error in View on Merges - when a Profile is MP'd it appears it shows it as having the current Curator for the Primary Profile as the Curator fo the Primary Profile for merges that were done before it was MP'd --

For Example, for Hendrick "Henry" Kortregt - it does not show "Master" as a comment on the Revisions Tab until Nov 22 2016 -- and
in Erica Howton reports she MP'd the profile on Nov. 22 [2016] -- but on "View" for the merges it shows her as the Curator all the way back to the earliest merge that has a "View", which is Apr 27 2015 (and for the one on May 17 and the several on Nov 21; the one on Jun 14 does not work).

12/12/2016 at 7:31 AM

Mike Stangel another thought...

I had had left some browser windows open when i stepped away from the computer... One of those windows was where I was reviewing a merge.

When I returned to the computer I saw the side by side comparison and said to myself "Oh they are the same!" and my mind looked towards the blue button which says "Undo Merge" of course...and I didn't press it...but I can see where it might be pressed when your mind is used to seeing profiles side by side to merge them.

Think it could be helpful to add just a little more something to make those pages different looking?

Private User
1/22/2017 at 9:12 PM

Mike Stangel -- the "Created On" date for the Primary Profile is being shown as ;the "Added On" date on the merged profile even if it was actually created after that date. Hoping this can be fixed.

Also - notice Birth Surname is not being shown in the Comparison Box before the Merge (and not in the View box after the merge). Is this an error, or ??

Private User
1/22/2017 at 9:21 PM

Moreover - when Geni adds the Birth Surname or Middle Name from the non-Primary Profile, it is recording an update -- but when it adds the Birth date, it is not recording that as an update.
With the "View" on the Merge, it is easy to see that there was no value for DOB in the Primary Proflle, was one in the Non-Primary - is one on the Merged Profile - but no update of that field reported on the Revisions List.

Private User
1/24/2017 at 11:11 AM

Mike Stangel - clarification and examples for you:
Did more merges yesterday, and see I need to modify/clarify. Seemed I did see the Birth Surnames on the Compare screen yesterday, but not sure - definitely not on the View for Merge -- seems Birth Surname not shown in View for Merge, and likely not on Compare Screen - when last name is same for both versions of Profile, and Birth Surname is same as Last Name or is Blank. [when Birth Surname is different from Last Name, so far believe have always seen]

Judah Isak Goldin is an example
1) where Birth Surname is updated from the merge - yet Birth Surname does not
appear on the View Merge screen [so we can guess on profile had it, other was blank - but field not shown on View for merge]
2) where the "Created by" date of the Primary Profile is incorrectly reported in the View Merge screen - as same date as Non-Primary Profile=Added by Date of merged Profile, even tho Primary Profile was actually created way after. (shows as created in 2013, was created in 2016!!)

For those with Edit/Viewing Permission -- his daughter is an example for where the DOB was added from the non-Primary Profile (I definitely looked and knew which had it before the merge, saw in the Comparison Box, and is shown in the View on the Merge) but is not reported as an update in Revisions.

1/24/2017 at 11:59 AM

Lois: I don't think that individual fields updated in a merge (particularly which do not cause a data conflict) have ever been recorded as a separate "Revision" event. (Referring specifically to the birth date of Judah's daughter.)

Private User
1/24/2017 at 12:23 PM

Dan - Yes, they definitely had been.
To see instances of individual Fields being reported as an update -- look at
1) Birth Surname -- Judah, where his Birth Surname is reported as an update from the Merge (so must have been in the non-Primary Profile) and
2) Middle Name - look at Judah's son, where his Middle Name is reported as an Update, again - that is from the merge.
Unfortunately, the discussion where Mike said they were supposed to be reported as an update (when values from the non-Primary were inserted into the merged Profile as a result of the merge) is enough long ago, I have lost track of it.

1/24/2017 at 1:16 PM

Thanks for your diligence in investigating the inconsistencies in Revision recording, Lois.

I generally had been only interested in 'manual' (non-merge) changes when looking at revisions, and so hadn't been paying close attention to how the field updates were being 'visible' in the Revisions log.

Private User
1/24/2017 at 3:34 PM

Dan - I often looked so I could tell whose toes might I be stepping on if I arbitrarily changed a specific Field entry, who might have info (indicated by their having provided values) - or was it my own typo, so I should just go ahead and change it to what I thought it should be.

Mike Stangel, is it possible for the same reference to show in the Activity tab of the person who did the merge?

It currently says
<some user> merged a duplicate profile for <this profile's name>

but it would be really useful if it said
<some user> merged "<some name> into <this profile's name>

This would be really handy for easily identifying potential incorrect merges.

It would also be really handy if it had a strike through if the merge had been subsequently reversed.

I can PM you some examples that this extra information would really have been helpful on.

2/8/2017 at 4:23 PM

Leanne M (Volunteer Curator - Australia) 🇦🇺 this is not possible in the Recent Activity stories but we do exactly this on the Revisions.

Thanks Mike

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