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27.2.2017 в 2:48 до полудня

Hi Colleen Dorothy Maunsell : Geni can be edited and profiles can be added by any individual as and when, so the possibility of family trees and its branches being moved around is quite high. I personally do not believe all that Geni indicates until I find the records, documents, inscription notes or books about family branches as authentic substantive sources. For example, my maternal European ancestry is recorded in three volumes of Os Luso-descendentes da Índia Portuguesa, further I have got the actual original baptism, marriage and death records of those ancestors to ensure the authenticity of information and legitimacy of siblings (Legitimate, illegitimate, incognito, etc child) . I do know there are many Americans and Australians who have been linked up to trees of Royalty but I doubt they descend from the same as I have not seen any sources, document or records. Good luck and best wishes.

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27.2.2017 в 3:44 до полудня

That's strange. Don't worry I think it will come back to normal eventually.

27.2.2017 в 5:47 до полудня

Colleen Dorothy Maunsell -- the Geni site changes constantly, as we rework and make improvements (and sometimes mistakes), so the relationship paths also shift, especially when we are looking at such long ago relatives.

Also, the relationship paths get worked out to the quickest route, which sometimes seems to make no sense.

In my case, for instance, if I just click to see what my relationship is to Llewelyn the Great, it is some convoluted path through my father. But my mother is directly descended from him, and if I see what HER relationship is, the line is indeed direct.

You might try seeing what happens if you work out the relationship through your other parent.

But it is true, that things may simply work themselves out, if your line goes through a piece of the tree that is getting worked on.

27.2.2017 в 11:49 до полудня

i have found that i need to trace each line directly to get hte proper result, because ggr's can also be great uncles and the lines change, so you have to trace from the relation that says grandparents and then it will "fix" it..

11.1.2018 в 8:17 после полудня

William, the Conqueror, is my 34th great-grandfather through his granddaughter Maud (Matilda) of Bretagne, Princess of England. Her daughter Constance de Bretagne, Princess of Brittany, is my ancestor.

21.1.2018 в 11:19 до полудня

Hi Everyone...William "the Conqueror", king of England was my 25th Great Grandfather. I grew up in South Africa and now reside in the US. It seems that Im related to many Kings and Queen from Norway, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and England.

15.4.2018 в 4:49 до полудня

"william the Conqueror" King of England ..my 24th great grandfather!

22.5.2018 в 7:43 до полудня

my 26th great grandfather.

2.7.2018 в 9:15 после полудня

Hello cousins! Just found this thread. William the Conqueror is also my 26th GG! I guess you probably already know that also makes us related to Rollo, the Viking King. Rollo is William the Conqueror's great, great, great grandfather.
Isabeau (ve)vdh, my family, on my father's side, were also Huguenots and are on the qualified list of The National Huguenots. They escaped to England though. Exciting finding all of this out!

12.7.2018 в 8:29 после полудня

Hi cousins! William the Conqueror is my 28th great grandfather

18.3.2019 в 10:29 после полудня

28th GrandFather! I am from Nuevo Mexico and come from Northern Espana de Iñigo Arista House of Jimenez Rey Navarre!

16.4.2019 в 5:56 после полудня

He is my 25th great grandfather.

7.5.2019 в 10:47 после полудня

29th great grandfather. My mother's line.

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11.12.2019 в 6:35 после полудня

Hi cousins!!!

William "the Conqueror", king of England is my 30th great grandfather.

3.4.2020 в 5:27 после полудня

29th gg through my dad’s side. Funny thing is, we’d always heard we were related to him but i thought it was through my mother’s side. Will have to go check that route out.

17.2.2021 в 9:20 после полудня

William is my 26th Great Grandfather down through my Portuguese ancestors. Not surprisingly other English, Portuguese and French Kings are Great Grandfathers too!

17.2.2021 в 9:20 после полудня

William is my 26th Great Grandfather down through my Portuguese ancestors. Not surprisingly other English, Portuguese and French Kings are Great Grandfathers too!

17.2.2021 в 9:30 после полудня

William is my 26th Great Grandfather down through my Portuguese ancestors. Other English, Portuguese and French Kings are Great Grandfathers too!

→ Rozelle Levy
your mother → George Miller
her father → Sarah Coster
his mother → Benjamin Coster
her father → Lea Coster (Nunes Vaz) (112-177)
his mother → Sara Isaac Lopes Dias
her mother → Rachel Lopes Dias
her mother → Lea de Lima
her mother → Gracia Belmonte
her mother → Nunes Henriques
her mother → Sara de Sampayao
her mother → Pedro de Schonenberg-Lancastre
her father → Ana de Lancastre, comendadeira do Real Mosteiro de Santos
his mother → Luís de Lancastre, 1º comendador-mór de Avis
her father → Jorge de Lancastre, 2° duque de Coimbra
his father → João II o Príncipe Perfeito, rei de Portugal
his father → Isabel de Avis, Rainha-Consorte de Portugal
his mother → Pedro de Portugal, Duque de Coimbra
her father → Filipa de Lencastre, rainha consorte de Portugal
his mother → Blanche of Lancaster
her mother → Isabel de Beaumont, Duchess of Lancaster
her mother → Henri de Beaumont, Earl of Buchan
her father → Agnès, vicomtesse de Beaumont-au Maine
his mother → Raoul de Beaumont, VII
her father → Richard I de Beaumont, Viscount
his father → Constance Mathilde FitzRoy, Vicountess de Maine
his mother → Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England
her father → William "the Conqueror", king of England
his father

18.2.2021 в 4:16 после полудня

William "The Conqueror" is my 25th Great Grandfather.

14.4.2021 в 1:36 до полудня

My husband is a Miller. He apparently is a member of williams clan. According to your posts he's r/to most of you. Very nice knowing we actually are all brothers and sisters.

27.7.2021 в 10:39 до полудня

27th great grandfather. Hello cousins!

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27.7.2021 в 12:05 после полудня

William "The Conqueror" King of England
is my 26th great grandfather through my
father´s line.

10.8.2021 в 12:17 до полудня

Glad to know my husband has relatives. The bloodline is strong. Wonderful to " meet Tuula And Also Nate. Proud of you Nate.

10.8.2021 в 12:27 до полудня

Thank all of you for all you do, that we might know the mysteries of whom we are.

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2.11.2021 в 2:51 до полудня

William "the Conqueror", king of England is your first cousin 31 times removed.

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