Sir Willam Scott, of Brabourne - Pedigree Source for his son

Started by Private User on Saturday, March 18, 2017
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3/18/2017 at 7:04 PM

You are not a very good Curator Erica why would you save an image that appears to have come from the Pinterest website with the red save button i have posted nothing but Quallity Sources on this Long Line of Scott's you and Justin are Idiots and i have Reported
and Complained about the Both of You.
Furthermore you have disconnected John le Scot's Father from where i know he belong's, William Balliol also known as William Baliol le Scot and later change his name to William Scot, he is of Brabourne, Kent (Scott's Hall) Scott's Hall it self was or is a Castle itself
see pics online Use some Common sense he was of Royalty also. where did they get the Money to Build it Then.
you just want to follow the status Quo set by Justin and Others that is Junk GARBARGE
he even said the Paper by Martin Bowen Scott Antiquity of the name of Scott was Victorian Junk if that was the case how come Martin has a Passport in his Sources, i found Profiles here on Geni that had no source info that match Martins Paper
They got it from some where and I Provided Antiquity of the name of Scott as it fit
Heber "the Scot" (Lebor Gabála Érenn)


Scota (Fictitious Person)

John Duns Scotus, O.F.M.

martin Bowen Scott was Obviously Maybe the first Scott Researcher and maybe the first person to research how old the Scot name is, as that info probably was not available in the USA Prior to1869 when he wrote it

So why would he Go to so much Trouble and Travel and Spend Money Researching his own line Only to Reveal Garbage Victorian Junk and if the Scott's Hall Book was good enough for you from here down and you trusted me with it as i am the only one who could sort out the Mess From Sylvanus Scott and Sarah Moses Back throuugh Richard of Providence, Im really Insulted,
i kept my Cool and showed Patience and tried to work with the Both of You.
You had Henry as William's Father there is no record of that only that Henry was the Father of one of the Alexander Baliol's that you 2 where getting mixed up no mention of Henry having William as a Son There

3/19/2017 at 2:43 AM

Private User why so mean?

You are suggesting that John Baliol, King of Scotland had a brother he didn't have. That's "all" I've done - made sure that we don't have a King wrongly ascribed.

As you say, the Alexander Baliol's of that period were mixed up. One was the King's older brother, he had no surviving children.

The other was the Chamberlain of Scotland, he was the son of Henry and Lora.

The only reference to William de Baliol we have is about his brother, Alexander, the chamberlain of Scotland.

That means that they shared at least one parent. Or they wouldn't be brothers. And we have a reference they were.

I will fix the image.

3/19/2017 at 2:48 AM

Private User which profile has the image you're complaining about?

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