Lucretia Tankersley - Lucretia's Family

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Parents: Mary Tankersley and Mary's Unidentified 1st Cousin

Siblings per my records:
---Robert Henry Tankersley, m. to Pamelia McEwing [verified][
---Charles Fountain Tankersley
---Sarah Tankersley, m. to Job W. Crews
---Elizabeth Tankersley
---Nancy Tankersley

Children per my reccords:
(The following was verified by Jesse's daughter Mary Jane when she was alive.)
---Matilda Dudley (B. 10/11/1830, D. 06/24/1831)
---Absaloom Dudley (B. 11/29/1833, D. 02/25/1909)
---Robert Dudley (B. 1835, D. Unknown)
---Campbell Dudley (B. 03/25/1837, D. 08/06/1894):
---William M. Dudley (B. 09/07/1867, D. 03/07/1922 (Ancestor of Cuzzin Shane Milburn)
---John Dudley. I have no information on this guy, so if anyone has any information on him, please advise. Thank you.
---Jane Dudley (B. 11/3/1845, D. 09/28/1901) This is Joseph D. Setty's wife. The Setty Family has a bunch of genealogical information that I was able to confirm through the family itself.
---Jesse Dudley (B. 11/06/1847, D. 08/29/1925I) This is my Great, Great Grandfather whom I look nothing like.
---Berryman Dudley (B. 1848, D 11/29/1860) His father died a year later.
---Maria Dudley (B. 1850, D. 1889)
---Lewis Jefferson Dudley (B. 05/31/1852, D. 12/07/1932) This guy was a popular lawyer where he lived until the age of 85.

Please confirm that this information is the same as what has. Thanks.
For years, there have been claims that there are pictures of Lucretia from the mid-1800s from before the Civil War when Thomas was still alive. Does anyone know who has those pictures? I would love to see them!

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