Diane Clounch (Jorgenson) - Angela Faith is collaborating with my husband, which is why we noticed Ann Vermeulen (Ramsey)

Started by Diane Clounch on Friday, July 7, 2017


7/7/2017 at 1:22 PM

Angela Faith Ann's 16th cousin twice removed June 18, 2017 at 2:51 PM

We are double cousins

Ann Vermeulen (Ramsey) © is your 16th cousin twice removed.
→ Connie Sue Hockenberry
your mother → Dozier Clayton Mills
her father → Lula Mae Mills
his mother → William Howard Hester
her father → William Milton Hester
his father → Stephen Hester
his father → Abraham Hester
his father → Robert H. Hester, Jr.
his father → Robert H. Hester, I
his father → Elizabeth (Garland) Hester
his mother → Mary Jane Garland
her mother → Peter Jennings, Jr.
her father → Peter Jennings, Sr.
his father → Elizabeth Jennings
his mother → Giles Parker
her father → Lady Elizabeth Jennett Parker
his mother → John Redmayne of Redmayne
her father → Elizabeth Redman
his mother → Margaret Scargill
her sister → Joan Scargill
her daughter → Christopher Clapham
her son → William Clapham, of Beamsley
his son → Anne Ingleby
his daughter → John Gale
her son → John Gale
his son → Miles Gale
his son → Christopher Gale
his son → Miles Gale
his son → Josiah Gayle, Sr.
his son → Elizabeth Gayle
his daughter → Willis Allen Ramsey, Sr.
her son → James Graves Ramsey
his son → <private> Ramsey
his son → <private> Ramsey
his son → Ann Vermeulen (Ramsey) ©

Ann Vermeulen (Ramsey) © is your 11th cousin five times removed.
→ Connie Sue Hockenberry
your mother → Dozier Clayton Mills
her father → Charles Bartow Mills
his father → Mary Catherine Mills
his mother → William A Cockcroft
her father → Lucinda Cockcroft
his mother → Lettis Culpepper
her mother → Capt. Micajah Harris
her father → Burr Harris
his father → John Calvert
his father → Elizabeth Calvert
his mother → Mary Doyne
her mother → Verlinda Stone
her mother → Katherine Graves
her mother → Col. Joseph Raleigh Croshaw
her father → Rachel Croshaw
his mother → Princess" Matachanna " "Cleopatra" Powhatan, (Sister of Pochontas)
her sister → Chief Hokolesqua Opecham "Stream" Cornstalk
her son → Chief Misahpelewa "Big Turkey" Hop Big Turkey Hop Cornstalk
his son → April "Tikami" Barnes
his daughter → Sebielia Odom
her daughter → Rev. James W. Odom, Jr.
her son → Jane 'Jennie' Odom
his daughter → William Wallace
her son → <private> Wallace
his daughter → <private> Cheshire (Vaughan)
her daughter → <private> Ramsey
her son → Ann Vermeulen (Ramsey) ©
his daughter

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