Noah Dickinson - Family lineage.

Started by Angela Jean Gilkerson on Saturday, July 8, 2017


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7/8/2017 at 9:58 AM

My Family records show that there are three brothers in this line, Phileman, Samuel and John.Why are they not mentioned here? Samuel who is my line was born Dec. 26, 1748 in Stonington,Conneticut and married his second wife Hannah Crandall Nov.3, 1778. With his first wife( name unknown) he had a son named Thomas. With Hannah he had the following Children;Polly b.Aug. 29,1779-Hannah b.June 22, 1781-Samuel Crandall b.Dec.9, 1784-Tanna b.Nov.22, 1788 and Benoni b. Dec.22, 1793. Benoni is my family line. Luren Dickinson, the fifty-forth governor of Michigan, Gr. grandfather is Phileman. I wonder if you can look into this because I am fairly sure this to be accurate.

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