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Started by Private User on Tuesday, February 6, 2018
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2/6/2018 at 7:14 PM

Yetta was the daughter of Maurice Henry Silverman and Hannah Rosa Rpberto (Maurices second wife). She was born in Australia in 1909. Hannah Rosa Roberto entered Australia between 1887 and 1890. Hannah was the daughter of "Mrs Rabotto" who first married Victor Rabotto and later married Abraham Silverman, father of Maurice Henry Silverman.

2/7/2018 at 12:04 PM

I've built another tree with Yetta Coleman, according to Aaron's description.
An important question now is - are the two Yettas the same person?
Aaron, are you positive about the relationship of "your" Yetta to the famous Roza Robota from the Birkenau uprising during the Holocaust?

Yetta Coleman

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2/12/2018 at 11:28 PM

I knew Yetta Coleman personally, she was my great aunt (grandfather's sister). In the 1990's, an American woman, Sandy Mallenbaum (sp?) came to Melbourne looking for family Silverman and my family met with her. Sandy and her father Allen were involved in setting up the Rosa R Foundation in New York. Allen's family research had his grandmother as a "Robotto" (possibly Sarah Robotto?) and linked her to the Birkenau uprising Rosa Robotta. His research also linked this Sarah as a sister to the Hannah Rosa Robotto who married Maurice Silverman. I have never confirmed this with documentation I can cite, I can't be "positive" but I have no reason to question their research and I have not found any conflicts.

My inquiries give Hannah Rosa's father as Victor Roberto and her mother as "Sarah" (surname unknown). I have a record of a Wigdor Robota, born circa 1828 who married, in 1850, Sura Garbarz, born circa 1829, who I think were the parents of Hannah Rosa Silverman ne Robota. I think Victor(Wigdor) and Sura were also the great grandparents of Roza Shoshana Robota; but again, I cannot confirm this definitely.

My question is: what evidence is there that Faige Robota (deceased 1895) had a sister called Yetta Coleman? An adoption, as suggested, seems questionable, and a second Yetta Coleman ne SIlverman seems unlikely. Is it possible to link the tree for Roza Robota (preferably going back to her great grandparents) for Geni Basic members, as I am not interested in subscribing personally.

2/19/2018 at 9:30 AM

Hi, guys. I just tripped over this conversation during a search in which I was looking for info for an email discussion I'm having with Allen Mallenbaum!

Aaron, you & I would be half-2nd cousins. Or is that 2nd half-cousins? (I thought I had the cousin nomenclature under control!) My grandfather was Abe Silverman, the oldest of Maurice Henry's huge brood. Who was your grandfather? Myer, Jack, Joe, Alick or Dave? (You can email me at for a discussion of more recent family matters.)

Your description of the family has left me dizzy (multiple spelling variations aside). I knew that Hannah was said to be ggf Morris's cousin, but I've never had any idea how. I'm still not sure I know. Thanks, Ital, the Tree you made is a great help -- saves me writing one out -- but it seems to me that unless there's a blood relationship between one of Morris Henry's parents & one of Hannah's, they're only step-siblings. (Allen may know more.)

As for the small, strange Tree showing Yette as Faige Robota's sister, I don't know why it was constructed but, even without knowing that, I think we can agree that it's very wrong. (As you say, it's not too likely that there's another Yetta Coleman née Silverman.) Please, let's not link it to anything (we have enough problems already); & if I understand you, you're saying that there's already a more comprehensive Tree for Roza Robota, but not accessible to us freeloaders?

Oh, & a genealogist hired by my cousin (but whose contact details she can't find) claimed that Morris Henry Silverman's mother was called Hannah Ella. Does this name ring any sort of a bell, Aaron? Sadly, no source for this info was provided.

I'm sending a link to this chat to Allen Mallenbaum. He may be able to shed some light.



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