First Line of AR Patriots From (Laurence E. Bagg and Lula Alice Jones Family Tree) Grandparents

Started by Kenneth Joseph Bagg Neder on Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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9/25/2018 at 4:57 PM

Hi Faustine. I am inputting my first line of AR Patriots from my grandmothers family tree.

4th GGFs: Charles Jones PVT/AR (DAR Ancestors # A061975-KY), Michael Hildebrand PVT/AR (DAR Ancestors #A055501-PA), and
Frederick (Fred) Young PVT/AR (SAR # 45899 State # 2178)

5th GGFs: Samuel Hayes MAJ/AR (SAR # 52 State # 52), Joseph Morse Jr. PVT-AR (DAR Ancestors #A081459 w/Nat # 479273), Philip Judd CPL/AR (DAR Ancestors #A063406), Henry Bemis PVT/AR (w/Pension from serving AR), John G.N. Hildebrand PVT/AR (SAR #68714 State # 941), Johannes Schlencker aka (John Slenker (SAR #100171 State #1997), James McLauglhin PVT/AR (SAR #87715 State # 1115), and Adam Young PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds).

6th GGF: Benjamin Nurse Public Service/AR (DAR Ancestors # A084982 and SAR 340934 State # 1014)

Later I will list my Great Grandparents Family Tree.

Respectfully, Ken

9/25/2018 at 6:07 PM

Thank you Kenneth Joseph Bagg Neder. I am looking at your list & your tree

9/25/2018 at 6:23 PM

Kenneth Joseph Bagg Neder, also Thank You for your service to your country.

9/26/2018 at 9:21 AM

Good Morning Faustine. Now, for the Second Line of AR Patriots From (Professor Henry H. Bagg Jr., and Lydia E. Pettibone. From Lydia's family tree consist of the following patriots of the AR:

4th GGF Amos Pettibone PVT/AR & US Army (Mil. Doc's and Rcds), Amos Phelps CPL/AR (SAR #5820 State 820-CT), and Timothy Sparhawk CPL/AR (DAR Ancestors #A107842)

5th GGF Jonathan Pettibone CPT/AR (SAR # 8818 State #1118), John Barker PVT/AR (DAR Ancestors #A006092), Stephen Northrup Jr. PVT/AR (DAR # A04682), William Conant Jr. (PVT/AR (Pensioner, Mil. Rcds.), James Riggs PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds. and Service with LT Rose's Rangers),

6th GGF Samuel Pettibone PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds of Svc), Edmund Riggs PVT/AR (DAR Ancestors # A113320-MD), Levi Preston PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds. and Assigned to the 17th Reg.), and Jabez Hall CPT/AR (SAR # 14103 State # 528).

I could not find any military records on the following: 5th GGF Daniel Lincoln and Owen Robey, and 6th GGF James Barker.

Did Geni discontinue the Special Project on the "American Revolution Patriots? If the did, why?

Well, Tomorrow. I am going to send you my 3rd Line of AR Patriots from my 2nd Great Parents (Dr. Henry H. Bagg Sr. and Frances "Fanny" L. Greene)

Now, so far! All mil. rcds. on those named w/o DAR or SAR control numbers is located in sources.

Must go now, I have some "Honey Do's" to perform for my partner of 47 years.

Respectfully, Ken

9/27/2018 at 11:46 AM

Hello Kenneth Joseph Bagg Neder, I looked over your tree & I didn't find anything to add. There is a project called "American Revolutionary War" and many subprojects. Thank you.

9/27/2018 at 3:40 PM

Third and Fourth Line of AR Patriots from (Henry H. Bagg Sr. MD. and Francis "Fanny" Greene's family tree that served during the AR. Which is short due to that particular time line, and also Aaron Bagg Jr. and Sally Pettibone's family is already included within Henry H. Bagg Jr. and Lydia E.Pettibone's family tree. There is also one more in the next generation. Aaron Bagg Sr. and Mehitable Loomis.

3rd GGF James Greene PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds, pension, and Bounty), 4th GGF Jeremiah F. Greene PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds on MA Soldiers and Saliors during AR), William Slade PVT/AR (DAR Ancestors # A104978), and last is Aaron Bagg Sr. PVT/AR (Mil. Rcds).

Now, I need some help on obtaining your directions on how to move foreward in starting applications for SAR and DAR for my daughters, and their descendants.

Hope to hear from you.


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