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10/18/2018 at 10:53 PM

Are their two Paula SCHREIBERS's who married Sandor KAMPLER's or has one been attached to the wrong profile

Paula Kampler
* born 1887
* father Martin / Marton / Marten Schreiber (born 1857) (son of Salamon Schreiber and Josefa Schreiber)
* mother Róza / Rosa Schreiber
* spouse Sandor Kampler (born 1878) (son of Moritz Kampler and Rosalia Sara Kampler)

Paula Kampler
* no parents
* spouse Sandor Kovács (born 1879) (son of David Kampler and Róza Kampler)
* spouse also married Paula Kampler

Can anyone add any additional information on these families so we can determine if there are two marriages.

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10/19/2018 at 1:00 AM

There is a record to confirm the marriage of Sandor Kampler (son of Moric and Rozalia nee Lovy) to Paula Schreiber, daughter of Marton and Roza nee Porgesz in 1910.
Here is a link to it.
That record gives Sandor a birth year of 1878

There is also a record of A Sandor Kampler (born 1879 = acceptable) changing his surname to Kovacs
Születési helye: Csépa Születési éve: 1879 Kora: 23
Az engedélyt tartalmazó BM rendelet száma/évszáma: 83484/1902
Registered on the same document reference number was his brother Marton born 1876

The question has to be whether this was the same Sandor who changed his name?
But that cannot be so because the name change in 1902 was prior to the marriage in 1910 by which time the groom would have been known as Sandor Kovacs and not Simon Kampler.

This is not the end of the matter though for although I can find no trace of a marriage of a Sandor Kovacs to Paula Schreiber, there are records that show that David Kampler (husband of Roza nee Kiss) was also the son of Marton and Roza nee Porgesz .

To sumarise, Paula Schreiber only had one marriage to Sandor who did not change his surname. And furthermore, she was not the daughter in law of David and Roza Kampler, she was their SISTER IN LAW.

Regards Roy

10/19/2018 at 1:20 PM

I have merged the two Paula’s and her son Joseph and detached them from Sandor Kovacs.

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