James Hicks - Did James Hicks & Phebe Allen exist ???

Started by Erica Howton on Saturday, November 30, 2019
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Ah...but you disconnected Mary Hickes from him.

Erica Howton, I have a very distant cousin match with someone who swears she and I are related via Hicks but HER Hicks is a German Heck. It is frustrating.
For this and a thousand other reasons, I am in the habit of thanking you.
To me, it IS important.
I have deleted whole branches of my own tree and I see so many BAD trees.
I sincerely believe I will find who I am seeking.
It is like "the deep calling out unto the deep"

Mary Hickes

So sad:
FNU Ware (ca. ​1646-Bfr 1657) in 1657 Mary Hickes attended Orphan's Court to request division of property of the deceased orphans of Peter Ware to the remaining children.

and my trek to her now (I do not know what it was prior to):
Mary Hickes is your first cousin four times removed's husband's 9th great grandmother.
→ Viet Nam War Veteran, SFC Freddie Ralph Hicks, Sr
your father → Arvel Yewell Hicks
his father → Theodore Hicks
his father → William J Hicks, Survived Andersonville Prison
his father → Adry Hicks
his father → Mary Jane Brooks
his sister → Flossie Istella Brooks
her daughter → Andrew Jackson Tinch
her husband → Victoria Owens
his mother → Thomas Jefferson Owens
her father → Susan Livingston
his mother → Thomas Livingston
her father → Henry Livingston
his father → Sarah Elizabeth Livingston
his mother → Reverend Peter Ware
her father → Valentine Ware, Jr.
his father → Valentine Ware, Sr.
his father → Peter Ware, Jr
his father → Mary Hickes
his mother


I will continue to FOLLOW but it appears the work is completed on these profiles listed?
I am very interested in some of the PROJECTS that are cited here on the left.
Always interesting.
Cheers, Keri Denise Jackson, ♊ Twin "A", GEDMATCH COMBINED GQ346442C1 MyHeritage FB5173852, Private User, Erica Howton.
Thank you for making Geni a wonderful collaborative endeavor.

12/1/2019 at 5:40 PM

I got involved in a Ware cleanup.

We should revisit the rest of James Hicks family because it’s still messed up in my view, but we’ve solved two important immigrants to the Colonies: Robert Hicks & Capt John Seaman. They’re not related. This is good!

Private User
12/1/2019 at 6:40 PM

si no les molesta voy a participar.
If it doesn't bother me I will participate.

Private User
12/1/2019 at 6:58 PM

Mary Hickes is your fifth great aunt's fourth great nephew's partner's 11th great grandmother.
→ Juan Iges Blom
your father → Carmen Cristina Madsen
his mother → Ana Hilda Mathiasen
her mother → Karen Kirstine Mathiasen
her mother → Lars Frederiksen Vick
her father → Martha Hansdatter
his mother → Niels Jørgen Hansen
her brother → Anne Kirstine Larsdatter
his wife → Anders Larsen
her brother → Ane Marie Strandskov
his daughter → Mads Peter Rikard Strandskov
her son → Herman Victor Strandskov
his son → Victor Strandskov
his son → Kai Strandskov
his son → Susan Ware
his partner → Jack Ware
her father → Samuel Parker Ware
his father → Gordon Ware
his father → William Addison Ware
his father → Matilda (Ware) Arbogast
his mother → Richard Ware
her father → James W. Ware
his father → Capt. John B. Ware
his father → James L Ware, Sr
his father → Edward Ware
his father → Valentine Ware, Sr.
his father → Peter Ware, Jr
his father → Mary Hickes
his mother

Private User you are always welcome to participate. After all that is the whole reason behind Geni.

Private User
12/2/2019 at 6:42 AM
Private User
12/2/2019 at 6:48 AM

"Si no venimos de alguien, no somos nadie. Si no venimos de algún lado, venimos de ninguna parte. Y si no sabemos de dónde venimos, ¿cómo sabemos a dónde ir?"

"If we don't come from somebody, we're nobody. If we don't come from somewhere, we come from nowhere. And if we don't know where we come from, how do we know where to go?

Love that Private User

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