James Peadie, Merchant in Glasgow - THE IDENTITY OF JAMES PEADIE

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1/22/2020 at 1:28 AM

James Peadie was the father of Marion Peadie. https://archive.org/details/scottishrecordso43scotuoft/page/384 He died before 25 September 1725, the date upon which the magistrates and town council of Glasgow agreed to admit his son-in-law John Ruhven as a burgess and guild brother. https://archive.org/stream/extractsfromreco05glas#page/237/mode/1up The name of Marion Peadie's mother is not mentioned in these records and a baptismal record for a child named Marion (with a father named James Peadie) has not been found in Glasgow's old parochial registers.

It is often possible to identify a line of ancestry from the records of burgess enrolments at Glasgow, but in the particular case of Marion Peadie's father it is not possible to identify a burgess record for him with any degree of certainty, partly because there are gaps in the records (For example, there are gaps between 1681 and 1688, between 31 October 1693 and 9 October 1694, and between 29 September 1707 and 3 January 1712), and partly because it impossible, for the time being at least, to distinguish between him and a number of other merchant burgesses with the same name. Interested parties can check this for themselves. https://archive.org/details/scottishrecordso43scotuoft/page/n6

It has been claimed that James Peadie is the man of the same name who married Anna Porterfield, but this proposition is not supported by a baptismal record of a daughter named Marion. Moreover, it seems to rely entirely upon the additional claim (entirely unsupported) that Marion Peadie is actually the same person as Margaret Peadie. https://www.myheritage.com/matchingresult-c637a4397365bf850eea2f47c...

If any friendly Geni subscriber is aware of any evidence that might resolve this dilemma, then I would be pleased to hear from them.

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