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yesterday at 11:35 PM

Elizabeth (Harman) Mitchell - Jelly, Convict "Lord Wellington" 1820 is on Geni with
* born 1780
* died 1847
* arrived in Australia in 1820
married 1) Thomas Mitchell
* 1799 Michael Malcolm Mitchell, Crew "Lord Wellington" 1820
* 1803 Robert Harrod Mitchell
* 1803 Elizabeth (Mitchell) Wilbow [Free Settler "Lord Wellington" 1820]
* 1811 Robert Mitchell, Free Settler "Lord Wellington" 1820
* 1811 John Mitchell
* 1815 Mary (Mitchell) Huxley, Free Settler "Lord Wellington" 1820
* 1818 Thomas Mitchell, Free Settler "Lord Wellington" 1820
* 1818 James Mitchell
* Elisha C. Mitchell
* Samuel H. Mitchell
* Abagail H. Mitchell
* Harmon Mitchell
married 2) James Jelly, Convict "Morley" 1818

* son Michael MITCHELL arrived in Australia as a seaman on the "Lord Wellington" - what evidence is there that he is the son of the convict Elizabeth MITCHELL?
* she has 2 sons Robert who both lived to adulthood - one born 1803 who went to America and one born 1811 who came to Australia - what evidence is there that these are her children
* when did Robert born 1811 arrive in Australia
* what evidence is there that Elizabeth had children Samuel, Harmon, Abagail, John, Elisha

yesterday at 11:39 PM


27 January 1820
On list of convicts disembarked from the "Lord Wellington" & forwarded to Parramatta for distribution; with four children (Reel 6007; 4/3501 p.212)

13 July 1820 and 21 June 1820
Re permission to marry James Jelley at Windsor (Reel 6007; 4/3502 p.106)

yesterday at 11:40 PM

* Elizabeth 1803
* Robert 1811
* Mary 1815
* Thomas 1817
accompanied her to Australia

yesterday at 11:50 PM

Robert Harrod Mitchell 1803-1880 married Elizabeth Mitchell 1806-1890

Robert Harrod MITCHELL born 21/8/1803 Shelby, KY - son of Thomas MITCHELL (1776 North Carolina -1825 Washington) and Elizabeth HARMON (1780 Woodford Kentucky - 1847 Washington)

Robert MITCHELL was born in Kentucky 1803 and when 17 years old came with his parents to Washing Country, Ind

Robert MITCHELL son of Thomas MITCHELL USA and Elizabeth HARMON USA


This is NOT the same family as Elizabeth the Australian convict

yesterday at 11:55 PM

Erica Howton, the USA family of Elizabeth Mitchell and Robert Harrod Mitchell are connected to the HOLE family that you manage.
They had been incorrectly attached to an Australian family.

Harmon MITCHELL was born 15/8/1815
brother of Robert Harrod MITCHELL

Samuel H MITCHELL was born 12/4/1805 Shelby, Kentucky
brother of Robert Harrod MITCHELL


John MITCHELL was born 2/9/1811 Shelby, Kentuky
brother 'of Robert Harrod MITCHELL

Abigail H MITCHELL was born 4/5/1809 Shelby, Kentucky
sister of Robert Harrod MITCHELL

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