Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the USA - Is he a descendant of King John of England?

Начал Dan Sapphire пятница, 26 июня 2020
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26.6.2020 в 6:27 после полудня

Every other president has been traced back to King John so I think we should look into this. Considering King John lived around 800 years ago, he's probably an ancestor of many, if not most, living Caucasians.

26.6.2020 в 6:52 после полудня

King John ref: Link?

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26.6.2020 в 7:01 после полудня

Hi, Dan! Thanks for the question.

The reality is, we don't know much about his British ancestry. Although his mother was from Scotland, she was from an extremely remote island where many records were lost or simply never existed. So while the Internet abounds with theories about the MacLeods having noble lineage, the preeminent genealogists of Scotland have not been able to trace her ancestry back more than a few generations. NEHGS, the authorities on U.S. presidential ancestry, have found the same thing -- the records just aren't there to make a genealogical case.

The reality is, he probably *does* have royal ancestry, because everyone with British roots does at some point. You're very correct that the numbers are on his side. But since we can't prove it, we can't add it to the tree.

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26.6.2020 в 7:03 после полудня

This is the best that the NEHGS, in conjunction with Scottish experts, have been able to come up with:

(You'll have to look at the index to find the page number where the chart starts.)

26.6.2020 в 7:24 после полудня
26.6.2020 в 8:30 после полудня

Sounds like DNA will be of importance.

26.6.2020 в 8:41 после полудня

No it won't.

26.6.2020 в 8:56 после полудня

John I "Lackland", King of England ….my 21st great grandfather....and he is also my 21st great grandmother's 1st husband.

Hasn't ANYBODY looked at the source that I added a good while back for Donald Trump?

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26.6.2020 в 9:11 после полудня

Diana Collins my recollection is that you had found a German family tree that had some theories about his ancestry, but that the tree's citations didn't back up its conclusions. Or was it something different?

27.6.2020 в 12:01 до полудня

@ John I "Lackland", King of England is my 18th great uncle.

27.6.2020 в 12:12 до полудня

The only president of the United States who does not belong to the Plantagenet family is Donald Trump

27.6.2020 в 2:02 до полудня

Oscar Saborio Valverde with his ancestry unknown making a categorical statement like that is not possible.

27.6.2020 в 8:33 до полудня

Can anyone else find any sources for this profile?

Angus McSween

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27.6.2020 в 8:42 до полудня

Diana Collins it looks like the only two sources on it right now are from uncited family trees. Do you have access to record databases? That's where I would look.

27.6.2020 в 9:26 до полудня


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27.6.2020 в 10:27 до полудня

John I "Lackland", King of England is my 20th great grandfather.

27.6.2020 в 11:12 до полудня

Diana Collins I remember looking at Angus last time and it seems that most uncited internet trees have him immigrating to North Carolina, while the rest of his family apparently went to Canada. There are a few Angus McSweens in the late 1700s and early 1800s in North Carolina, but I can find no way of tracking down which one he is supposed to be. Why do you believe that he is relevant to Trump's tree?

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27.6.2020 в 12:13 после полудня

You're right, Tamás Flinn Caldwell-Gilbert -- Angus McSween is not Trump's ancestor Angus MacSwane.

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27.6.2020 в 12:14 после полудня

And if anyone wants to help with Angus MacSwane, we have a thread at

27.6.2020 в 5:19 после полудня

Alex Moes, yes. DNA opens up pathways.

28.6.2020 в 4:42 до полудня

A couple of years ago I checked just for fun and found he was my c. 25th cousin and descendant of some Danish Swedish king that I took as an explanation of his royal sophisticated behaviour…🙄
Recently this Geni connection has disappeared and I can’t say I’m disappointed…😏👍

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28.6.2020 в 5:03 до полудня

Risto Virtanen there was a bad connection in there before that we removed. Most users lost their direct connection as a result -- but since it wasn't a valid connection, it's best for it to be gone.

28.6.2020 в 9:14 до полудня

Is there a connection to the Angus in NC....

28.6.2020 в 9:36 до полудня

Is this person's father James MacQueen? I see Robeson County, NC....

John McQueen, US Congress

28.6.2020 в 10:06 до полудня

I would say yes

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28.6.2020 в 11:36 до полудня

That Geneanet site is another one with no citations, Diana Collins

Have you tried using the free records (not trees) from FamilySearch or Scottish public sources?

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28.6.2020 в 12:59 после полудня

Here's a directory of free Scottish records collections:

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29.6.2020 в 4:19 после полудня


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