prince Nikolay Bogdan Oginski - Father of Bogdan Oginski

Started by Eglė Jarašiūnaitė on Thursday, July 30, 2020
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7/30/2020 at 12:15 PM

As far as I understand, Bogdan Oginski's father was Ireneus Oginski and Tsar was only rumoured to be his father. His baptism record says he was baptized in 1853 in Rietavas, but born in Kaliningrad in 1848, father was Iraneus.

Shall we go by documents and take off his title as prince as well as his father tsar?

I will hunt for baptism record.

In Lithuanian:

Bogdano Oginskio faktinis tėvas buvo Iranėjus Oginskis, o Caras buvo tik įtariama kad buvo jo tėvas. Jo krikšte parašyta, kad jis krikštytas Rietave 1853, gimė Kaliningrade 1848, tėvas Iranėjus.

Gal reiktų palikti tėvystę kaip nurodyta dokumentuose ir nuimti princo titulą?

Paieškosiu jo krikšto įrašo.

Čia straipsnis išsamesnis

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Monika Ehimhanre
7/30/2020 at 4:51 PM

Sorry I'm holder of kievan rus and also conection Russia Peter 2nd to Romanov to the last tsarevich alexei and also I'm owning 4 magna carta... Scotish, ireladna dm English trone...

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