Edward “Mountain Ned” Harris, Tithable in Lunenburg Virginia - YDNA Markers defined for this Edward Harris

Started by Private User on Thursday, August 20, 2020
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  • By PHGCOM - Own work by uploader, photographed at Cabinet des Médailles, Paris., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5729324
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9/8/2020 at 3:50 PM

Also if Mr Private User were to start adding his family to the tree he could request to manage this and other profiles that he may know more about and therefore can help make the necessary changes himself. This way he would be a very valuable member of the Geni community. :)

9/8/2020 at 6:14 PM

I appreciate all your work. I was just upset because it looks like you are just putting people down. I furthermore want you to keep helping with the profiles because the help we have the more accurate and also the more knowledgeable that person is the better. :) I just ask that you also recognize that people are working hard and even if they make mistakes they are still trying which is a lot more than many people do. I have never said I doubt your lineage or research that you have done or contributed. Thank you for that. Just be careful how you word things as they can be taken as attacking/harassing someone. Please. Please keep contributing to all the sites that you contribute to also because that is awesome of you.

9/8/2020 at 6:17 PM

I left out the word more on the second line.Sorry about that.

Private User
9/9/2020 at 12:27 PM

But Cnythia Hicks stole my Gilliam Harris Profile, its copyrighted sources and documentation on familysearch.org along with another Gilliam Harris Sr (two different people) and merged then together here on Geni.with mine and two others copyrighted material. Then she remove d Edward Harris d1780 documented daughter Mary Harris Gilliam and Edward's sisters Judirth and Sarah and brothers John and Thomas.from their Profiles. She states that she is only adding an 8th gr grandson of Edward Harris but she refuses to name him or post a Proifle for him which I am positive never existed. The Geni owner Mike Stangel told me to command her to put up or shut up but all she can do is drum up friends to vouch for her which does does answer my questions. She does not understand that Ancestry autosomal testing is not accurate or reliable and there is no way to convince Her.

Private User
9/9/2020 at 12:45 PM

Geni is a *collaborative* site. This means multiple users working together on the same profiles. It also means nobody "owns" any profiles, and the primary objective is to have One Big World Tree with one (and hopefully *only* one) profile per person listed. (We *try* to get things correct, but "nobodys perfekt".)

Using words like "stole" is not only not helpful, it's downright hostile. If you keep that up, you will find - *at best* - that no one else wants to work with you.

Mike Stangel, did you really tell me to "The Geni owner Mike Stangel told me to command her to put up or shut up"?
Has this NOT gone on too long as you told the man in the Discussion you closed?
I have had enough. MORE than enough. People are very nice and civil to this Geni user and yet he insists and persists when he really oughta desist and take a breath... IMHO

I have offered to share my second cousin match with Erica Howton as e is NOT a Geni user and it is no one's business who he is. I do not appreciate being called a thief and a liar
I have had people block ME over his accusations and then come back to apologize and UNblock me when they realized I am NOT doing anything other than adding to the Geni and using SmartCopty to post a "reference" or source and I am 100% about tree building.
The Geni user has chosen to make this a hostile place for me and a few others... he may have laid into me but he has also gone to attack/"CHALLENGE" others... can "we" NOT address this please? Meaning, please, make this aggressive behavior STOP...please. I have blocked him but he still uses my name, posts on profiles I am actively researching and DNA confirmed related to, signs my guestbook, etc...

9/9/2020 at 2:00 PM

Private User - let’s let it rest. We fixed the errors, and we know how very difficult the Harris families can be, so we’re lucky to have your experience and expertise.

Geni as a platform is about getting it right, and there’s a lot of false starts to get to that point. I’ve certainly made my share, and count of on all of you all to tighten up the curated trees.

Private User
9/9/2020 at 2:06 PM

Familysearch.org copyrights all of their material, including Profiles, Sources Memories and other documentattion added., just read their Terms of Use.Under the
Millenial Copyright Act, all electronic messages, SUCH AS THIS ONE, are automatically Copyright to the sender and no receiver can publish or copy its contents without the express permission of the sender.. And yes, Mike Stangel did tell me to command you to answer my questions which you have refused to do. There is no second cousin match that I am aware of, it is an 8th gr grandson of Edward Harris you chaim. Ancestry.com i can only decode <50 DNA markers, far less than the 111 markers of FamilyTree DNA. That is why they stopped selling yDNA and mtDNA tests a decade ago, when FTDNA purchased their new 8 $10,000,000 sequencing machines, Anyone can look at the FTDNA Results page for any Surname and see that there are scores of owners by different named in the same group with exactly the same marker values as those named for that group. Most of that is due to the many surnames that have the same exact marker values. One such group that I administrate has at least five different surnames of kit owners that are different from all of the others. The same exact thing happens with Ancestry autosomal matches, due to their smaller database, they can only.chose a 37 or smaller DNA match, which may or may not be Harris..We currently have a Harris group with over 90 kit submittters with no proven progenitor c1615, And the Group 8
Results Page linked to this Edward Harris Profile is inaccurate and not a true lineage for any of the cited progenitors.

9/9/2020 at 2:17 PM

Private User I'm on the side of producing evidence for claims made here on Geni, but I NEVER said "put up or shut up". If you put words in my mouth again, you will find that you can no longer speak here.

9/9/2020 at 2:19 PM

Private User we will not tolerate copyright violations. Please email the details to misconduct@geni.com (including where we can see the copyrighted material / copyright notice, if possible). You must clearly identify a) the page where the copyrighted material exists, and b) what text or photos on that page are protected by copyright.

I will remove myself from any and all profiles requested I do so.
Please advise.

Started w this one. My second cousin 9times removed. Who else? I am sincere in this... just say who else please?

Private User
9/10/2020 at 9:37 PM

No, Mr. King, she's using Geni's Relationship Finder.

"Cynthia Curtis (Hicks), TN491427c1 is Edward 'Mountain Ned' Harris' second cousin 9 times removed. "

That's exactly what it says, and DNA doesn't have anything to do with it. It's straight-up paper trail work.

You can check it for yourself if you like. Go to Mountain Ned's profile and click the push-pin, then come back to this discussion and click on Cynthia's name to open her profile.

If you find any errors, let us know.

I am not a direct descendant of Ned.

9/11/2020 at 2:00 PM

The connection is up tree through Mary Ligon, not from descent of Fighting Ned


Mary Ligon Mary (Harris) Ligon is Edward 'Mountain Ned' Harris' great aunt.

Cynthia Curtis (Hicks), TN491427c1 is Mary (Harris) Ligon's 9th great granddaughter.

Private User
9/11/2020 at 6:48 PM

Thanks for spelling it out, Erica. As I said, it's all paper trail - up two, over one, and then down again.

Frankly, SECOND COUSIN should have been a Big Fat Clue. Second cousins *are not* direct descendants - they are *collateral* descendants from a more distant ancestor. I am absolutely SHOCKED that a "Professional Certified Genealogist" does not appear to understand this. It's Basic Relationships 101!

Private User
9/11/2020 at 7:07 PM

No, of course not, but *what about the paper trail*?

Where is/are the bad link(s)? Can you show or tell us? Can you PROVE they are bad? (Specifically, "X was never married to Y / C is the child of A and B, not D and E". That sort of thing.)

DNA *is not* the Be-All and End-All of genealogical research. It's just another tool, sometimes very useful, sometimes not.

9/11/2020 at 7:11 PM

I think many people get their pants in a wad for some reasons. I wish Private User would realize that people want to work with him, not against him, including . He just needs to figure out how Geni works. I am happy to help, Tom. Most of us are. We realize you may have some issues with the platform. Let us help you. Susanne

9/11/2020 at 7:29 PM

"including" ... us all...

Private User
9/12/2020 at 9:52 AM

In the first place, Cythia Hicks claimed she had added an 8th or 9th generation DESCENDANT of Edward Harris1780..This does not cover five generations up and thre or four down, In the second case Ancestry autosomal testing in not guaranteed beyond three generations and the genome splits into two peices for each person, half the paternal markers and half the female markers, fot the father and mother of that genome.. Had Cynthis been claimed as a Mary Ligon cousin, then either her husband Thomas Ligon or her parents Thomas Harris and Adria Hoare.would have been cited as cousins pf Cythia by Ancestry whch Cythia doesn't claim. You can't have one withoutt he matching spouse or parents with autosomal DNA. .Cynthia has no paper trail to match. Have been working wih and counseling people about Ancestry autosmal DNA for 15 years yet there are those that rather use this junk testing because it is $10 cheaper than Family Tree DNA yet is 1/8 or less accurate,
This Ancestry autosomal testing is what Cynthia Hick uses.

I make no claims to you Private User. I do not even wish to engage but you consider to drag me into your fit.
Numerous people have tried to explain to you how Geni works.
I cannot help you. And you certainly cannot help me.
But while I wish you NO ill will, you continue to beat me up and I really do not need to understand why.
Customer Service Mike Stangel Erica Howton I have offered to privately share my DNA amd matches with Erica Howton if it is necessary but I have made no demands for anything and seriously do not know what Mr Harris I mean King has to gain or to lose by continuing to drag me through this. I am not a member of a tribe. I am not a member of any genealogical society. I have no desire to join ANY of these.
I simply wish for a DNA confirmed tree which has been fully documented and researched and is as correct as possible

Now, I have been called a thief, a liar, and more. I have ignored, I have reported, I have removed myself from managing profiles, I have lost sleep LITERALLY, and I have lost friends here as they seem to trust the man must know something... I have said before and I will stand by it: I am an open book. I am NOT adopted (so what if I was?).
I have been patient.
But I have asked many MANY times. Please. Make him stop.

Mike Stangel I am not a thief.
My Ancestry tree is from scratch and I have worked it since 1977.
Kindly leave me alone.
Erica Howton mentioning my one Harris line through Ligon has done nothing to satisfy him but has simply given him more ways to try to figure out how he can prove his theory of what a horrible everything I am.
Please. Is it NOT time to stop this already?

typo above--should read for Private User to leave me alone

Using SmartCopy to attach info to a profile is NOT theft.

9/12/2020 at 11:45 AM

Private User

I think we are getting apples and oranges mixed up.

What any person shows as a manager on Geni is meaningless; it’s not a claim. And we do try to source / cite profiles, including pointers to external trees. So the SmartCopy utility leaves a URL & date stamp footprint to where the profile data came from, so the underlying source data can be examined as need be. That is what Cynthia and many other members use, including me.

On the Fighting Ned line, you pointed out the mixup with another Harris line from Y DNA conflict showing in Geni. By the way, we have these Mis merges all the time, by everyone, including me. Pro members like Cynthia and volunteer curators like me have the tools to correct the trees, and we do - but only if we know what to correct, why, and “with a citation.”

So “I” made the citations - not Cynthia. I used the public ftDNA Harris spreadsheet; I used the public FamilySearch tree; and I used the public citation for the book from the public FS profiles, as well as your mentions in Geni discussion of the book. Without that information in the profile I would have been unable to execute the fixes. This is easily seen from the revisions tab of the profiles, and I then checked with you to review the tree.

Is there anything outstanding that needs tree repair? Is there any profile that is currently un satisfactory that can be repaired?

Private User
9/12/2020 at 1:09 PM
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Private User
9/12/2020 at 1:51 PM
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