Francis (the Recusant) Yate, Esq. - Please check "About" and make necessary corrections

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yesterday at 2:06 PM

Somebody has been making a mish-mash of this line all the way down, including false titles, misplaced wives, and whatnot.

yesterday at 4:32 PM

So, how and why would you contact Where did you get our e:mail? I NEVER ever make changes in Geni. Never thought of it and I know my spouse who is related to YateS family of Colonial Virginia wouldn't know how. Says he doesn't know this Francis Yate.
In fact, I never log in directly to Geni..until now to write you as your message smacked of accusatory know-it-all nastiness. The only Geni service I do use is print out if I need something straight from Google for Yate or Yates family we have done nothing. So, soneone else must be hacking in system and making a mess. NOT us!!! Not even aware if this ancestor is an ancestor. Are you using That is where I found most messes come from to point out. I won't put any family tree on it. As a researcher, I most definitely do not subscribe on a regular basis.

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yesterday at 6:42 PM

Elizabeth, you probably got tagged because of some obscure connection or other. This isn't email , it's a public discussion, and people can get roped in if *any* profile they have anything to do with is mentioned or connected or whatever. You can opt out by changing your News & Notifications settings (see Account Settings under your profile). You can also opt out of this particular discussion by clicking Unfollow, up near the top right of the page.

It's a hazard of collaborative genealogy that people *can* get things wrong, especially when the sources are scanty and contradict each other - and then it's a long hard slog to get things set right again.

It started with a query about the mother of George Yate of early Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and snowballed as I back-trailed him up the tree. Some unknown person had gotten the mistaken idea that his father John was the same person as John Yate 2nd Baronet of Buckland (he wasn't - that was a distant cousin), and some other unknown person had displaced John's grandfather's first wife on the grounds of some "authority" who couldn't believe what was down in the Visitations in black and white, and it's all going to have to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb.

That's probably going to have to be Curator work, and they're spread mighty thin as it is.

yesterday at 9:02 PM

Richardson says Yate married (1) Jane Tichborne (2) Frances White, jailed for complicity. He doesn't seem to have been torn to shreds by the people who usually would.


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yesterday at 9:32 PM

According to this:

the correct order is 1) Frances White (d. 1569), 2) Jane Tichbourne (d. after 1581).

George Yate's mother turned out to be an unnecessary complication in figuring out the connections (many!) between him and Jerome White, Surveyor of Maryland. They're cousins in various degrees by several different paths, by blood and/or marriage.

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