Owen MacCarthy Reagh, 12th Prince of Carbery - Validity of Spanish/Colombian/Cuban connections

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yesterday at 1:26 PM

I have been trying for years to verify this story. As shown in our Geni tree, the story is that Owen MacCarthy Reagh's second-great-granddaughter was Juana O'Driscoll MacCarthy, who settled in Colombia. Some Colombians and Cubans claim "royal Irish ancestry" through this line.

The problem is, I have never been able to find proof of any of this -- it just seems to circulate in on-line trees. The Irish pedigrees, at least the ones I've checked, don't show it.

The proposed path is always this:

Owen MacCarthy Reagh, 12th Prince of Carbery -> his daughter Ellen MacCarthy Reagh> her son Conor O'Driscoll -> his son Conor Óg O'Driscoll -> his daughter Juana O'Driscoll MacCarthy -> half of Colombia. :)

Does anyone have actual evidence for any of this? Or is it all just unverified copies of unverified copies?

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yesterday at 1:36 PM

This path would also involve descent through Sir Fineen O'Driscoll, The Rover, so I am tagging that profile as well for interested parties.

I should also note that the name we're showing for Conor Óg O'Driscoll doesn't follow Irish naming conventions, so that's another reason I'm a bit skeptical of the provenance here.

yesterday at 2:40 PM

Hi Ashley,

You can read



The lineage is correct, you can ask to Eamon Lankford the keeper of the Geneaogy and History of Clan O'Driscoll.

eamon.lankford@gmail.com and odriscollarchive@gmail.com.

The Conor O'Driscoll and his son Conor Óg, escape to Spain after Kinsale, they establish in A Coruña.

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yesterday at 3:05 PM

Hi, Felipe,

I'm not sure if there's a particular page you want to direct me to, but the only relevant portion I find in the first PDF is one that briefly mentions the Driscoll and MacCarthy families being present in the region. It doesn't say anything about this specific line or these specific relationships being accurate. And there's no citation for the passage, so there's no original source to go back to.

For the second one, I'll have to put in some time reading it, unless you can point me to the locations you have in mind?

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yesterday at 3:08 PM

(And thank you for responding!)

yesterday at 6:56 PM

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I find nothing on Catherine MacCarthy linage.

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