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Started by Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087, Tree builder on Saturday, March 20, 2021
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Working from DNA match's Gedcom 5248610.
I added Benjamin Harrelson and wife Celia and then got a duplicate alert. I merged the Celias but appears the Gedcom and Geni disagree which Benjamin and also I see Benjamin III as son of Benjamin I already on Geni plus a HALF brother different dates named Benjamin.

Please check the profiles? I am seeing this Geni relationship path going to my maternal Susannah Emerson McDaniel as well as my paternal Cockrum which are both said to be Native American.

3/20/2021 at 11:44 AM

Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087, Tree builder, if you notice, I have a cautionary note that something was wrong on Celia Harrelson 's profile.

Cealey Smith, born 2 January 1739/40 in Marion District, SC20; died 21 December 1854; married Benjamin Harrelson 2 January 1768; born Bet. 1735 - 1740; died Aft. 1840. Notes for Cealey Smith: Dianne Moore has her name as Celia.

More needs to be determined if Cealey Smith Harrelson lived to be 114 years old. I cannot find the source other than Wikitree entry. SFG

It didn't make sense then nor now. Celia is an aunt of mine and Benjamin is an uncle, both by blood relationships in different lines. :-) I will look to see if any more info is out there, but it is not a sensible relationship.

I saw the note on age and also on Wikitree... people do and did live that long so no big deal but the Benjamins need straightened up and if and since this is a NA line, it will be slow going if ever....

I came to the profile today because of a DNA match with a Gedcom. If you are able to go look at the pedigree and DNA, it is really important and I think how we will fix/set these lines if possible.

Also, I went to Wikitree and saw the one Benjamin without a manager and adopted him.

3/20/2021 at 11:51 AM

No, Celia married Benjamin I. I don't see a half brother named Benjamin .

The hot tub is calling my name.
Signing off for the day.
Happy Spring, cousin!

3/20/2021 at 11:53 AM

I added a II to the son of Benjamin I. But I think it is straight now. I don't see a Benjamin III or duplicates showing.

3/20/2021 at 11:54 AM

Happy Spring to you! I will keep on and see if I can find something in Sellers.

Don't recognize the name Sellers.

I will see if I can ReLocate that Benjamin III

Son of Benjamin Harrelson, II
Benjamin Harrelson

Ben II is showing as son of Joseph Harrelson

gonna need some help from the managers, I think.

3/20/2021 at 1:11 PM

You got another Benjamin II there. See this one. Benjamin Harrelson, II.

I just read the will of the father of Celia Smith and frankly the dates match Benjamin II son of Benjamin. I above. I think she married him. Let me do a bit more looking at another place.

3/20/2021 at 1:14 PM

The DAR gives son of Benjamin - Benjamin II's spouse as unknown. I think she is Celia Smith. Going to look at Sellers. Mary Belle Manning Bethea is not conclusive.

3/20/2021 at 3:24 PM

The will of John Smith IV can be found on https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Genealogy_of_John_Smith_IV%2C_M... below:

On file in the office of Judge of Probate, Marion County, SC, Book I, pages 16-18, also roll number 721, may be found the will of John Smith.It is dated the 10th of June, 1797, and probated the 20th of January, 1802. Persons mentioned in the will are: Wife - Mary Sons - Samuel, John, and James Daughters - Anne Berry, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Buckholts, Sarah Tart, Martha Finklea, Morning Bryant, Cealey Harrelson. The will was witnessed by John Finklea, John Deer, and Peter Kingley. Sons Sam Smith, John Smith and friend Enos Tart were appointed Executors in the will. However, when the will was probated, Peter Kingley evidently had died for John Finklea and John Deer testified that Peter Kingley did witness will; and at the same time qualified Sarah Smith as an executor. On March 30, John Finklea and John Deer qualified John Smith (I think that would be John Smith V) as executor of this will of John Smith. (SEE BELOW FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTION OF WILL).

His Will dated 10 Jun 1797, proved 20 Jan 1802 mentions: Known Children:
Samuel, eldest son-650 a on Gully & Buck Swamp, includes one fifty a purchased from William HARRALSON, & bounty a purch from William ROSEYEAR.

John (d. bef 10 Nov 1824) - 250 a whereon he now lives.

James-750 a purch from Benjamin HARRALSON, Jr on NE side of Buck Swap and 100 a near Catfish Joing E side of a survey of 200 a joins WRAGGS land.

Anne BERRY - 104 a on Catfish whereon Joseph JONES and one BRYANT now lives joining one of another.

Elizabeth WATSON - 300 a bought of COLLINS where KELLY now lives on the Road and 150 a purc of W. STUDDIVANT on the Bay joining Land held by Frederick JONES.

Mary Buckholls (BUCKHOLTS)-100 Pounds St.g and 400 a on the NE side of Little Peedee, purch from John CLARKE.

Sarah TART - 750 a joining to the Plantation & Mill Seat whereon I now live part of the old tract I purch from Evan EVANS.

Martha FINKLEA - 100 a purch of George GIBSON lying in the wat side of Catfish.

Mourning BRYANT - the Plantation and mill seat whereon I now Live containing 100 a prt of tract purch from Evan Evans.

Cealey HARRALSON - 500 a where she now lives.

Executors: Samuel Smith, John Smith and Eaneas Tart. Wit: John Finkly, John Dear, Peter Keighley, Roberta. and possibly Hannah Smith.

Judging from the will, John Smith owned much land and many slaves.It is interesting to note in the will that all real estate deeded to each child was not only described in detail as to boundaries but also from who purchased or how acquired.

In November, 1971, issue of the D.A.R. Magazine, page 829, we find where the grave of Smith, John Sr, three miles north of Marion, SC, had been marked by Blue Savannah Chapter of D.A.R. A land grant to John Smith, Sr., dated October 10, 1778, for Revolutionary Service was supposedly recorded in book YYYY, page 5373, Secretary's Office, Charleston and entered for 400 acres bought by John Smith, Sr., April $, 1773, recorded in Book PPP, page 33, Secretary's Office, Signed by Sir William Bull.This had not been verified.

John Smith's oldest son, Samuel, was born May 1, 1753 and died April, 1843.He married Mollie Rice.Gregg's "History of Old Cheraws", page 245 states that Samuel Smith was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in Col. Powell's Regiment of Militia, St. Davido parish, 26th Day of September, 1775 and page 269 gives account of a battle between Long Island and Sullivans in which Lt. Smith took part."South Carolina in the Revolution, 1780-1783", by McCrady, page 359, states: "Samuel Smith listed a prisoner on Board the Schooner Pack Horse."Samuel Smith is buried in the old Smith Cemetery about three miles east of Latta, SC.The marker reads:"2nd L. Samuel Smith, Colonel Powell's Regiment---Rev. War".No dates are shown. Samuel Smith had three children.One daughter married Captain William Page, a son of Thomas Page.The otherdaughter, Elizabeth (Betsy), married Robert Moody.The son, Samuel, was married twice;first to a miss Lane, daughter of Osborne Lane and second, to Sallie Hayes, daughter of Benjamin Hayes.

Very little is known about James Smith, another son of John IV.It is known that he had one son, Hugh Smith who married Miss Chloe Perritt. They had five sons and four daughters, all of whom had large familes. One of the sons went to Mississippi and a daughter lived in Texas. The others settled in or near the section where they had lived all their lives.

John Smith V (or Jr. in the SC clan) was born in Craven County, now Marion County, SC in 1756.He married Sarah Ann (Sallie) Godbolt who was born in Georgetown District and died in Marion District in 1820.John died in Marion District in 1825.Sellers' History states that John, Jr. lived before and after the Revolutionary War between the two Reedy Creeks, west of Gapevay Baptist Church and east of Marion Court House. it also states that he was well-to-do, and that during the War, he reportedly buried considerable money near the Little Reedy Creek. He served as a private in Capt. Ellebris Co Benton's Regiment (Gregg's History, page 413). There is a John Smith buried in Moody's Pond Cemetery near Marion, SC.Marker reads as above and has Rev. War. Much of the above information was contained in material prepared by Mrs. Virginia Rogers Smith of Bowman, SC and sent to me by Linda D. Smith, 1000 Cold Branch Drive, Columbia, SC 29223. I received this information on Feb. 17, 1995. !SOURCES:Bryan, Gus & Ruby, Bryan Family History 1753-1973.Also see Dunn, Doris Allen O'Neal, Allen and Allied Families, p 17.Haralson, Danny K., Haralson-Harrelson Family History and Lineage, p 97.Letter from Mrs. F. C. Cain, ex State Regent SCDAR, St. Matthew, SC to Mrs. Kenneth Troy Trewhella, Registrar General NSDAR, Washington DC, dated 15 Oct 1951.That letter lists marriages and children and includes a copy of the will dated 1787. !BURIAL: Per Cemetery Inscriptions Old Marion District, SC, V I, 1953-1954, P4 J ohn Smith buried in Moody's Mill Pond Cemetery.Was Pvt. in Capt. Ellerbee's Co., Benton Regt./Rev. War.

!MARRIAGES:Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw; p. 51 (Abigail Commander) and p 53 (Jane Ford). !CEN:1800 Liberty Co SC (Marion District), p 461. !SOURCE:Watsn, S. Lawton, Ancestors of Isham and Mary Watson, ur Own Early Forebears; Hal D.Watson, Printer, Latta, SC, p 2. (All above information obtained from the notes of James O. King of Kentucky. NOTES:Ordinance dates for baptism and endowment obtained from Janet Beazell. No sealing date on her records

On down the entry notes:

Cealey Smith Harrelson

viii. Cealey Smith19, born 2 January 1739/40 in Marion District, SC20; died 21 December 1854 (20); married Benjamin Harrelson 2 January 1768 21; born Bet. 1735 - 1740 (21); died Aft. 1840 (22). Notes for Cealey Smith: Dianne Moore has her name as Celia.

My thoughts, Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087, Tree builder, Celia married Benjamin Jr or Benjamin II Harrelson, son of Benjamin I.

3/20/2021 at 4:04 PM

I have put the notes to not merge the two Benjamin and Lewis profiles. But that is a whole separate discussion. Either there are two sets of brothers who are first cousins to the one set to the other or one set is attached to the wrong parents and they need disconnecting and merging. I will eat a bite and try to organize my thoughts. That is a totally separate discussion.

I do think it is pretty clear from the Will of John Smith IV, that Celia/Cealey married Benjamin II - one of the Benjamins. I am kin to all so it doesn't matter to me if they are cut and merged, but I have been working for a while now steadily on the Harrelsons of Marion, Horry, and Columbus Counties. They like other Southerners like to name kids after dead relatives or themselves. It makes for confusion.

Let me work on that and launch a separate discussion. I think that once the Benjamins and Lewises are straight, we can get Celia squared away. :-)

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