Joseph Isaacs - Did he marry Mary?

Started by Cynthia Curtis , A183502, US7875087, Tree builder on Wednesday, March 24, 2021
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Can you add some census records for him?
If they are the same person they should be merged. In the meantime, I think look to be sure that there wasn't a son of Joseph with Mary Farmer named Jim...
You or I or anyone can merge the two Josephs if Joseph Isaacs is your grandpa.
That Y DNA looks so different and is confusing especially since Geni gives that alert that they are not the same. Someone has made the comment in a Discussion before that Geni is supposed to be working on correcting that.
The R-M269 on Joseph Isaacs#/tab/dna's profile comes from three Geni users who did the Y111 and all got the same R-M269.
Your line shows just you with the R0SRY2627 with a Y111 so I don't know...
I just sent my husband's at the beginning level and hope to add later and hopefully learn more as we go.
I will stop working on this line now.

Showing 31-31 of 31 posts

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