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Thanks Andy Feldman for correcting that. This looks much better.

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Researchers really got to look at sources to
see the facts that Job named one if his sons, Jesse, after hearing his father, Jesse Moore, Jr. say he would not name any more sons, Jesse. Another reason Daniel kept peace between David and Job. Difficult people to research only using sources.

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Also, in 1827 there was no Caldwell County. It wasn't form till 1841. It was actually called Globe Valley, Burke County, North Carolina, United States. Before that it was called The Globe. Land first established by Job Moore, son of Jesse Moore, Jr.

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Stephen Ray Smith if you see errors, you should be able to edit the profile and correct them. If you can't, let me know and I can do it for you.

Do you know about Keith and Malinda Blalock, the marauders that Carroll Moore and family fought off?

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Recall some memory of that. I was informed of it not all the complete details. Heard some information of it.

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That's a cleaner version of the first one i heard. More factual i believe.

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