Gadi Scott-Stricklin /Cheraw - Are marriages correct?

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The revisions bug strikes again! The revision history for Gideon says that I connected him and Elizabeth (Burnside) Strickland as spouses a few minutes ago...but all I did was look at the profiles for both, not connect anyone.

Did someone else connect them? And is this relationship correct? In the meantime, I'll report the bug.

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Private User thank you for sharing. It is important

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Sure thing! I also reported it to Geni. And I'm currently looking for primary sources for Elizabeth.

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The Gadi profile is particularly confusing, especially with the revision history. Where are we getting any of these facts from? What are our citations?

The Gadi Strickland who died 6 March 1854 in Bryan County, Georgia served on multiple juries in Tattnall County between 1818 - 1831. His son William was a public official. He's listed as white on each Census. Have we confused two different Gadi Stricklands?

Gadi divorced Elizabeth Burnside in 1840, per court records.

Mary Exley cites a DNA study of the Stricklands that found that he was a descendant of Matthew Strickland, Sr. She believes he was likely Matthew Strickland, Jr.'s son. So where are we getting these parents (John Scott of Franklin, Va and Ann (Warren) Stricklin) from? (Of note, I can't find the Strickland DNA study cited by Exley anywhere, so we don't know the methodology. But we clearly have two competing opinions.)

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William Gideon Strickland is not the same as QM3 Gadi Stricklin.

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John Scott is of the Qm3 Scott. It is an NPE.

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