Josef Hrabě

Начал Private User сегодня
Возникла проблема на этой странице?


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Private User
Сегодня в 5:46 до полудня

Would he fit in the project?

Josef Hrabe

This page says he was a composer: (or at least Google Translate says :)

BR, Joni

Сегодня в 5:51 до полудня

Hi Private User of course, I added a his profile.

In the project you can join, if you didn't yet.

KR, Ozren

Private User
Сегодня в 6:00 до полудня

Thank you!

I'll not join this time, having only this one Czech strain in my family. It was quite a feat to find even these relatives, not speaking any Czech (German and some Latin helped though). :)

// JoNi

Сегодня в 6:18 до полудня

Private User a Czech portal is here:

You can join also, if you wish or just only follow both projects

For any continue research you can join to the portal page or ask other users through the discussion.

FYI, I think is would be better, if you can add at all profiles (family members), who were born in Czech Republic, in the fields of english tab and set their names on czech letters, at the same way how I added a his name and surname in tab of czech language.

For more or anything else, also you can ask: Dr. Tomáš Kitlar or Honza Kittler, or others.

Показаны все сообщения (4)

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