Mary Elizabeth (Stricklin) Keaton - Clarifying her relationships & info

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Today at 7:26 PM

It seems pretty clear to me that Mary Elizabeth (Stricklin) Keaton is a match to Gadi's daughter Mary Griffin -- with the exception that 1) the first profile is saying Mary was Indigenous and 2) the first profile says Mary wasn't married to Dempsey Griffin.

Regarding the first, we now know that Mary's father Gadi was not Indigenous -- he was incorrectly connected as the father William Riley Stricklin, whose DNA is clearly Indigenous. So if the assumption is that Mary was Indigenous through her father, that's ruled out. I've not found anything saying Elizabeth Burnside, the correct mother (not the Elizabeth Newsom listed here), was Indigenous; she appears as white on records. What are our sources? Can we please add them?

Regarding the second, the Strickland and Griffin families seem pretty convinced that marriage and the subsequent children happened. :) I'm going to work on citing them all, but I'd like to know why -- and with what sources -- others are eliminating it. Especially since she's listed on Dempsey's pension, their marriage record survives, and both of her marriages are documented (right down to who performed the second marriage) in the records of the Huxford Genealogical Society.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help in cleaning up this area!

Today at 7:39 PM

It is a community group of people who stayed together in their diaspora for generations and iwith either of the choices of wives, it's the same gene pool of people. . .
→ Mary Ann (Brown) Oliver NATIVE
her mother → Thomas Brown of SC
her father → Thomas Brown
his father → John Brown, of Duplin County
his brother → Grace (Brown) Warren, Old Cheraw NATIVE
his daughter → Chloe Burnside NATIVE
her daughter → John Burnside NATIVE

I am still waiting to hear from the FTDNA manager who knows the Peter Scott tree who is lateral and direct to all of this group.

her son → Elizabeth Strickland
his daughter → Mary Griffin
her daughter

Today at 7:41 PM

Their name of Griffen was taken from the Qm3 Scott's Ft Christanna Indian School headmaster.

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