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Erica Howton Joshua Perkins was married first to Frances Pettijohn on 24 Jan 1785.

Son George, testified in 1837 Perkins v Perkins trial “That he is 52 years of age; has known defendant as long as he has recollection of anyone (he is his son)." See pg 5 of this document:
Based on his age, George is likely the son of Frances Pettijohn.

Joshua Perkins’ second wife was named Mary Mixon according to the 2 October 1810 Opelousas Marriage of his daughter Sarah Perkins [Opelousas Parish Courthouse, marriage license no.14]. I've found no other records of Mary's existence. Sarah is the first known child of Joshua and Mary Mixon. Sarah was born around 1792. See e.g. Based on Sarah's DOB, an estimated marriage date for Joshua and Mary Mixon is 1791.

[NOTE: Given that Joshua and Mary had a daughter old enough to marry in 1810 Louisiana, they are not the Joshua Perkins and Marey Nixon who married on 28 Dec 1818 in Perquimans County, North Carolina.]

Joshua Perkins was not married to a Rebecca Perkins and did not have a son named Jesse. I haven't verified the tree, but this appears to be the family of the Jesse Perkins who is linked to Old Jock's son Joshua:

On the subject of Joshua Jr's children, many online trees say, as does the Geni tree, that he had a daughter named Lucy. I've put a lot of effort into finding a daughter Lucy, but can't confirm she exists. There is a Lucy Perkins who married Atwell Rogers on (Jun 1810: I can't exclude this Lucy as being Joshua and Mary's daughter, but it isn't proven, and the parents of Atwell Rogers' wife remain unknown.

Many trees say Lucy, the wife of Jeremiah Cloud Jeremiah Cloud , had the surname Perkins and was the daughter of Joshua Jr and Mary Mixon. There is no evidence for either claim.

I tried to fix this myself, but kept getting a message I couldn't make the corrections because doing so would cause "tree-splitting."

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Rebecca Perkins the daughter of Jacob Sherrill and Hulda Wilson, married a different Joshua Perkins Jr than Old Jock's son. Here is a fairly solid tree for Rebecca:

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