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PLZ USER Private User if you have found conflicting sources, or alternative versions, 3 years have passed now: it's time to try to solve them, at least well report its in the info about of the respective profiles.

-You have the attention of one of the best (C) braided wire untanglers I've ever seen in any time / place / language of the BigTree --> Erica Howton :D
-The curator of the surrounding area Private User
-in some profiles I also see ADMN (C) FARKAS Mihály László who will then receive notification..
-and coming up from Venice I was working with Croatian (C) Ozren Čulić Viskota Žava to find the connection.. then quickly resolved whit 2sources* that matched perfectly with the great encyclopedic connector character: Bajamonte Tiepolo, il Gran Cavaliere [paternal grandparents Doges, maternal grandfathers Bani of Dalmatia (practically kings of Croatia). husband of another Venetian big Italian knot connection..

So even though everything is OK & connected below now, we let's try not to leave here, 3 generations above, conflicts for another 3 years.
--->Talking about parent conflict of Stjepko Šubić Bribirski, I
(--> but also of his now cousin Daniel Šubić od Bribira)

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