John Pierce of Watertown - Pierce clean up

Started by Erica Howton on today
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Today at 4:40 PM

Unfortunately, the New England Pierce families have all been smerged together as children of Evidence needed to support as son of Richard Pierce & Marguerite Pierce

It’s time to separate them out, starting with John Pierce of Watertown who married Elizabeth Pierce his parents unknown, but hers are, if anyone wants to enter more of her family in England.

Tagging Skeeter Wesinger - can you check your line now?

Today at 4:50 PM

This John Pierce was not the Patentee. That John Pierce was a merchant adventurer but never came to America.


Today at 4:53 PM

You're too much, that was a bunch of work but it looks better. I will look more tomorrow.

Thank you,


Today at 5:05 PM

“There is no evidence that Barbara, daughter of John Pierce & Elizabeth Trulle, was the wife of Michael Phillips or Edward Inman.”

Disconnected Barbara Inman as their child.

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