Charles Edward Hames, Jr - Additional set of parents may be grandparents....

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Something is wrong with Charles E Hames, Jr Wiki has him as the son of William B. Hames and Elizabeth Moseley but I think he may also have attached as parents, his grandparents - Charles Hames, Sr. and Catherine Hames

DAR seems to support the William/Elizabeth parentage as William is a proven son of Charles and Elizabeth Mosley was his wife:

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA. [ DAR Ancestor # A050013]


Spouse: Catherine Krugg

DAR proven children:
* William m. Elizabeth Mosely
* John m. Charity Jasper
* Wenny m. James McWhorter

The Gedcoms have merged wrongly.

Please advise as I think cuts are necessary.

19.10.2021 в 9:23 после полудня

The "cuts are necessary" to correct the profiles. The actual relationships just need to be resorted. I am not sure I am as good with that as looking things up.

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Susanne Floyd Gunter - I think I got this resolved.

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Thanks Erica Howton. I think that is right now!

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