Sir John Wadham of Merifield - Inconsistent Birthdate

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вчера в 7:14 после полудня

We could remediate his inconsistency by changing the unproven date of "1505" to "before September 8, 1493" (the proven date of his proven mother's death). But it must be done by a curator, because the profile is locked.

Thank you for considering this proposed change.

Sincerely, Debra

вчера в 8:11 после полудня

I concur, Private User. He is my 4th cousin 14 x removed on a good day through the Brattons of Minehead in Devon. Seems rather difficult to pinpoint his birth given the wide range of dates.

вчера в 11:58 после полудня

He’s the 1st child of 6. Leaving birth date blank.

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Сегодня в 4:51 до полудня

I think somebody got the wrong Joan Wadham - this one seems to have died at three years old.

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Сегодня в 4:57 до полудня

Also, his father Sir Nicholas Wadham, MP married four tines. Which children belong to which wife?

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Сегодня в 7:35 до полудня

Hi Maven, good catch! I hadn't gotten to the other "red flag" inconsistency in the line, yet. According to sources he has the right mother here (Joan Hill). However, her birthdate can't be right, because her mother would have been about 58 years old when she was born, if that was the case.

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Сегодня в 7:37 до полудня

He had children with the first two wives (see chart in source). And I gather the last two wives had children from their other marriages.

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