Col. Thomas Godwin of Nansemomd - Disputed origins

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Evidence needed to support Col. Thomas Godwin of Nansemomd as child of Robert Godwin or Godwyn & Elizabeth Smythies Disconnected.

W. G. S. “The Godwin Family.” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 5, no. 2 (1897): 198–204.


Of Nansemond and Isle of Wight Counties, Va., with Notices of the Families of Holladay, Gray, Blunt, &c.

The first of this family, of whom there is any record, was Col. Thomas' Godwin, of Nansemond county, who was Burgess from that county in 1654 and 1658. It is uncertain whether he or his son, of the same name, was the Speaker of the House of Burgesses in 1676. His will was dated March 24, 1676-7, and beginning, " I, Thomas Godwin, of Nanse mond county, Gent'l," bequeathed to his son, Edmund, a parcel of land purchased of Lange, containing about 300 acres, on the western branch of Nansemond river, with all the cattle on it; also to Edmund 175 acres on the western branch of Nansemond, adjoining the lands of Mr. Jeremy Exam, also certain furniture and two negroes. To daughter, Elizabeth, one negro. " I suppose there may be about forty thousand pounds oi tobacco due among Mr. Burgess' children, after my pay for their keep- ing, and all other disbursments, the which I desire may be paid them. To my wife, all personal property, tobaco excepted. Appoint my son Thos. Godwin sole executor."

Col. Thos.1 Godwin married , and had issue:

2. Thomas2;
3. Captain Edmund2 of Nansemond county, married , and died about 1713. He was a vestryman of Chuckatuck Parish, Nansemond, about 1705, and was sheriff of the county. His will was proved in Nansemond in 1713. He left numerous descendants;
3. Elizabeth2.

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