Selectman Edward Spaulding - Questioning how Edward immigrated.

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I know that it is accepted that Edward came to America aboard the Margaret of Bristol approved to leave Sept 15, 1619 arrived in Jamestown with Master Capt. John Woodleefe and 36 settlers on Dec 4, 1619. I can find no supporting documentation and he is not listed as a passenger. He is my 9th great grandfather.
Does anyone had any other documentation?

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You can’t find it because “ Robert Charles Anderson states it is highly unlikely the Edward Spaulding of Braintree/Chelmsford is the same as Edward Spaulding of Virginia.”

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A bit more:

Research published in the 2019 Summer Issue of The Register [vol. 179, 220-231] calls into question the assertion that Edward Spalding, Puritan settler of Braintree, Massachusetts, originally immigrated to, and lived in, the Virginia colony. The NEHGR article provides compelling evidence supporting the finding that Edward Spalding of Braintree (and later, Chelmsford), Massachusetts immigrated directly to the Massachusetts Colony from Norfolk, England and was an associate of several prominent Puritans in Norfolk and Suffolk, England.

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