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Today at 5:19 PM

Research of this family name has been particularly difficult. Currently, the earliest research of the Wilbanks and Willbanks families can only be traced as far back as the Revolutionary War. There are primarily six major families from which most all Wilbanks and Willbanks families in America come from. ….

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I think the parents of Richard Woolbanks are speculative and garbled, and we should start your genealogy here, and with Richard’s sister:

Meanwhile, evidence does suggest that Richard was a brother of Phyllis Woolbank who was married to Robert Cardin circa 1763 in Goochland County.

Do we agree?

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NB. Shows Phyllis who married Robert Carden as daughter, not sister, of Richard.

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If Richard who married Priscilla was born 1740 instead of 1708 (the 1708 fellow being a different person), then the tree could work.

Since we have a 1767 / 1776 date for their marriage, it looks more likely.

Today at 6:18 PM

You have an issue with the children. There seems to have been a record for Priscilla marrying Richard B. Wilbanks on 14 MAR 1767 in Virginia, and that doesn’t jibe with birth dates on some of the children listed in his probate records:

He is listed on the Abstract of North Carolina wills page 326 as: 1790 WILBANKS, RICHARD, Priscilla (Wife): William, Reuben, Nancy, Barryman, John and Henry; Dolly Sturdie (Daughter). Probate date 17 Jul 790 in Wilkes, North Carolina.

So you want to get hold of those records, and determine if he had a first wife.

Today at 6:19 PM

Mary Ann Dollar Is not listed in Richard (d 1790) probate.

Today at 6:26 PM

What’s the evidence Dorothy (Wilbanks) Sturdie b c 1768 in VA & named in probate 1790 is the same person as Dorothea "Dolly" Combs has no maiden name for her, I don’t see a Sturdie marriage in her profile.

Today at 6:36 PM


  • October Term 1790
  • Wilkes County, North Carolina
  • Will Book 2, Page 293
  • In the Name of God Amen I RICHARD WELLBANKS being weak in body but of sound memory thanks be given to God for the same. And as Touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless with in this life I RICHARD WELLBANKS of Wilkes County and State of North Carolina I give demise and dispose of my Estate in the following manner (That is to say) Impremis-
  • Item- I give the Tract of Land whereon now dwell to be equally divided between my two sons WILLIAM and REUBEN WELLBANKS and also I give to my son WILLIAM my bay horse, I also give to my son REUBEN my black mar
  • Item- I give to my daughter NANCY WELLBANKS my young Sorrel colt I also give to my daughter NANCY two cows I also give to my son WILLIAM two cows I also give to my son REUBEN one cow.
  • Item- I give to my son BERYMAN WELLBANKS one cow
  • Item- I give to my son HENRY WELLBANKS twenty shillings & no more.
  • Item- I give to my daughter DOLLY STURDY Twenty shillings & no more
  • Item- I give to my wife , PRECILLAH WELLBANKS, all my house hold goods
  • I likewise constitute and ordain my wife and ROBERT MARTIN Executrix and Executor of this my Last will and Testament for to see that the purposes therein contained are fully complyed with according to true intent in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Seventeenth of July one Thousand Seven Hundred & Ninety.
  • RICHARD WELLBANKS ("H" his mark)
  • Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said RICHARD WELLBANKS as his Last will and Testament in the presents of us who in his Presents and in the Presents of each have hereto subscribed our Names
  • Test
  • ELIZABETH CARGILE ("+" her mark)
  • State of North Carolina
  • Wilkes County
  • October Term 1790
  • The within will was duly proved in Open Court by the oaths of THEOPHILUS CAMPBELL and ELIZABETH CARGILE & ordered to be recorded.
  • Test.

Thank you so much, Erica Howton

Sturdie/Sturdy is interesting

I wonder if it is mistranscribed?

I had not worked on them in quite some time.
The upload on Dolly profile is blurry and I didn’t add a link.
I will find it again

Today at 7:38 PM

Absolutely not mistranscribed, I added a link to the original probate & Will on Ancestry. Now, in the NC Gen wills, right above Wellbanks Will is Sturdie’s 1791 Will, leaving everything to Dolly Wellbanks. So perhaps she was a widow Sturdie. She’s head of household in the 1790 census - again, link in profile.

Daughter Verlinda Duff is mentioned here top left, same place as Dolly’s FAG memorial:

Today at 7:41 PM

I also uploaded the marriage record for Priscilla, there’s no doubt it was 1767. So if your Dolly Combs = Dolly Wellbanks = Dolly Sturdie, she has to have been born after that date. You can examine her childrens birth dates to see if that’s possible.

Today at 7:42 PM

What does that have to do with Dolly (Wellbanks) Sturdie?

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