Deacon William (b Adrian) Throope (Scrope) - Connection of Deacon William Throop to the Regicide Adrian Scrope

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This line has recently been modified here in Geni to tie Deacon Throop as a son to Adrian Scrope, one of the signers of the execution warrants for King Charles I. This idea is not new and is apparently based on Throop family rumors originating several generations after the life of Deacon William. Ostensibly, an Adrian Scrope II feared for his wellbeing after his father's execution, changed his name and fled to the colonies.

There is very little information on the family of Adrian Scrope, but Wikipedia does seem to provide the most extensive listing of his children ( There is no Adrian II or William listed. There seems to have been no adverse effect on son and heir to Adrian, Thomas Scrope. That Adrian Scrope and his family still seemed to be held in high regard is evident in the fact that his body was returned to the family post execution and not posted to various locales, as were the other regicides.

There is a note posted in the Family Search page for William Throop that states "Scroope myth thoroughly debunked by TAG article:
see "Proposed Etiology of the Throope-Scroope Tradition" in The American Genealogist (1981) Volume 57 pages 110-112." As yet, I have been unable to access that article.

Perhaps someone here in Geni land has access and could shed some light on this situation. Erica Howton , what are you thoughts on this? I'm surprised to find no previous discussion, even in the previously connected profile.

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It’s a new one to me. I’ll see if I can get the article. Meanwhile, this is helpful:

I am descended from a William Throop and a Mary Chapman.However, in researching my Throops I came across a note stating that, after much research,a man named Walter May Throop wrote a book called "The Throop Tree" (1971) which claimed that William Throop was actually Adrian Scrope.His father, also Adrian Scrope, was a regicide who was executed and so Adrian Jr. fled to the U.S. and changed his name.I have been unable to attain this book and was hoping that someone here might be able to guide me to it or simply let me know if they have ever heard anything about this. Thank you.

I am updating The Throop Tree book and below is section regarding your query.If you want more, order my upcoming book.

Louise Walsh Throop, C.G., discussed this tradition in her article in The American Genealogist, "Proposed Etiology of the Throop-Scroope Tradition.She notes Winchester Fitch's heavy reliance on the tradition of"widely scattered descendants" of William and his citing of the witnessing of the two deeds in Hartford, Connecticut by a certain Adrian Scroope.

She further notes that this tradition was apparently either proposed or elaborated on by Capt. William Throop (b. 1700) grandson of the immigrant and recorded by his brother, Rev. Benjamin Throop.She suggests the possibility that Capt. William Throop misread some illegible family record about a "Lord Throope" as "Scroope" and Rev. Benjamin, apparently quite willing to share his vast store of knowledge, spread the story of descent from Lord Scroope to other family members.
Louise Walsh Throop concludes that in spite of the Hartford deed signing by Adrian Scroope and the long tradition in various branches of the family of descent from Scottish Lords, "no evidence has been found to connect him (Adrian Scroope) with the Bristol William Throope".

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Here’s “the Family tradition” that’s been debunked.

Knudson, Evelyn F, Addison J. Throop, and Dan A. Throop. William Throope and Adrian Scrope: The Family Tradition; History of the Scroope Family and the Barony of Bolton; Bolton Castle; Proceedings at the Trial of Adrian Scrope; the Regicides and the Ancestral Chart of Adrian Scrope ... Research and Narrative by Evelyn Fish Knudson. East St. Louis, Ill: A.J. Throop, 1943. Internet resource. Archive.Org

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