Leutharis I, duke of the Alemannians - The same person - Leutharis I and Leutfried ?

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Might these profiles be for the same person?
Leutharis I, duke of the Alemannians
Leutfrid, duke of the Alemannians

If you read Wikipedia article https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leutari_I , Leurati I (Leutharius I) had brother Butilino (Butilinus) - not a father-children relationship as now in this profile.
"Leutari I, (Leutharius / Λεύθαρις) was a Germanic leader known for having been, together with his brother Butilino (in the Greek sources: Βουτιλῖνος / Βουσελίνος; in the Latin ones: Butilinus / Buccellenus), in command of the contingent (Franco-Alamanno) invaded and sacked Italy in the years 553-554."

Also, time of death is the same in both profiles and place is matching with this profile
"Once in Ceneda, the current Vittorio Veneto, Leutari and the Alamanni would however have perished - as we shall see - due to a serious disease."

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alamannia#Dukes_under_Frankish_suzera... ==> Leuthari I, before 552–554

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