Samuel Hill - Documenting Hills

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Сегодня в 12:46 после полудня

Samuel Hill Married Elizabeth Hill

His ancestry looks similar to Samuel Hill who married Martha Hill

Are they the same? There’s no notes.

Capt Henry Edward Heater - any insight?

Сегодня в 12:47 после полудня

Tagging Carissa Hill who noticed the similarity.

Сегодня в 2:19 после полудня

At first glance, I had Martha (Hill) Reading ( as Samuel’s daughter. That would appear to be consistent with Samuel’s wife’s name - Martha. I will keep looking. Cheers, Henry

Сегодня в 2:56 после полудня

Erica Howton Thanks!

I wish I could say that I had a bunch of documents of the Hill family before my 3rd great grandpa... I got about hundreds of us afterwards but not before. Family got too big for those big reunions.

I suppose it could be worse and I could have the last name Smith. I always feel so bad for those Smiths I see and try to get them up on Geni too.

Сегодня в 2:58 после полудня

My grandmother was a Hill. :). Had a terrible time tracking her back.

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