Lonely Soldier Boy - Can DNA solve and located other Moon members to give him his family

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Would DNA research be able to locate this man? William R. D. Moon

It appears from Civil War records that this man was in his 37th TN infantry with him. It would seem as they fought together they would have known each others families, so maybe cousins? Searching the known family of
William Hugh "Bill" Moon comes up with no William R. D. Moon which has Civil War record as William R. D. Moone

Since William R.D. Moone is not connected to the larger tree, just go to Research - Create a branch. Fill out in a unknown name for his father, then request a merge with William R.D. Moone's unknown father that I created for him and I will accept the request so you can edit William R.D. Moon's profile directly.

During my Moon chore of trying to connect up and locate the various William Moon in the United States/Colonial tree. I came across a few graves that I could not locate. This one seems like there is enough info that he should be able to be located. Research done by several other Moon members have concluded that he must be some where near William Hugh "Bill" Moon in which he fought with.

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John Moon
Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087
Donald Franklin Colvin
Erica Howton

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Not something I just pick up.

I work from a match and then end up coming back when I have more matches to the same.

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Carissa Hill I did a lot of clean up about a month ago when I found several good sources for MOON. Actually ended up in the family line because I was working on an ancestor and she married Moon.

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Checking the Moon cemetery there are possible fathers of the right age


Should look at the 1860 census to see if they are listed together.

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Thanks for responding! I suppose what you are saying Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087 is that we need a DNA match of someone down the line of William Hugh Moon ? I know nothing of this DNA genealogy.

Erica Howton
That appears to be this man. I will see if I can link him up with William Hugh Moon
John Peter Moon, Sr.

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Erica Howton nailed it - the 1850 census gives the whole family and it looks like they are all buried together in the Moon Cemetery...

I've roughed it out from the the census - Carissa Hill you should be able to tell from Find A Grave now who goes with who...

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I put 1860 census in John Peter Moon's profile. I can't upload like you all do. My computer always hangs so I put it in his profile.

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In the mean time Carissa would you allow me to add the Civil War records I said I have? Also adding him to the applicable projects. They have his place of birth and dying in the first battle of Corinth gives us where he died.


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Private User Absolutely, just got to figure out to give you permissions. Much of Geni I don't know.

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Oh fabulous! Donald Franklin Colvin

On it !

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I ended up in a different "Moon Cemetery" in Alabama John William Moon uploading what they don't have right now and will hunt for THE Moon Cemetery LOL

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Also helps to collaborate.

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Private User I tried to send you manager rights to the profile. My browser might not have sent it. Should have sent you primary manager rights

My browser and my computer are ten years old so sometimes it doesn't do things

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Erica Howton Thanks!

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Another case of the lonely solider boy from 37th TN https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/8372099/john-william-moon

You think you can find him in the census? Donald Franklin Colvin

Moon's are confusing. I don't see him in William Hugh "Bill" Moon 's family or John Peter Moon, Sr. or William R. D. Moon family you created with the census. So this would create a fourth 37 inf TN Moon family to work with!!

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So we got two boys John William Moon
and William R. D. Moon

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Impressive collaborative work, by the way. Thank you all.

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Yeha well I dont want to overwell anyone with this but this wife is what I think to myself an intersection. So much data conflicts... maybe two Jackson Moon's are getting mixed up Frances D. Jenkins

I think Hester Moon might be a huge key. She is daughter of a Joseph Moon and married John Samuel Moon, Jr.

Maybe get Erin Ishimoticha on board to help Frances Jenkins profile out.

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Donald Franklin Colvin THANK YOU! I can see while I was staring at a bunch of Moons in a grave yard going slower than a snail you figured it out and attached William R.D. Moon to the bigger family tree!

Private User You should definitely be able to edit his profile now!

Thank you All! Lonely soldier boy I think found a home too.
Not sure how to verify. I sent a message to the manager John William Moon
John William Moon

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William Hugh "Bill" Moon and William R. D. Moon both served in the 37th Tennessee Infanttry - but they are definitely different people... I uploaded CSA service records to both profiles...

They would have been cousins... Like most CSA units - a given company was generally comprised of men from the same community - so they had community ties as well as extended family ties...

I also found lots of in-law connections between the two Moon branches...

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John William Moon profiles - CSA records uploaded...

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