Abraham & Fannie Rosenberg family -- conflated or ??

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There is a Death Notice for a Fannie Rosenberg with husband Abraham and so many children with the same first names that it seems it is likely the Death Notice for Fannie Rosenberg
The Death Notice is https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-boston-globe-obituary-for-fa...
It has Fannie Rosenberg the widow of Abraham, beloved mother of Lillian Rome, Esther Hillson, Eva Rosenberg Ladge, Philip Rosenberg and Julius Rosenberg.

This Fannie on Geni was wife of Abraham, Mother of Esther (Rosenberg) Rubin; Eva (Rosenberg) Ades; Harry Rosenberg; Mollye (Rosenberg) Blumberg; <private> Rosenberg; <private> Rosenberg and Lillian (Rosenberg) Rome
One of the Private ones is Julius, so only Philip is missing.
On the other hand, last names of most do not match, and we have extras: Harry and Mollye and the other Private one.

There is a 1910 Census confirmed as a Record Match for this Fannje on Geni, which has
Husband: Abraham Rosenberg
Children: Lillie Rosenberg
Estelle Rosenberg
Eva Rosenberg
Phillippe Rosenberg
Julius Rosenberg
-- They are living in Gardner, Mass.

In 1920, the same family appears in the Census in Gardner, now Estelle is Esther, Phillippe is Philip. Otherwise the same names, no additional.

This exactly matches the names in that Death Notice.

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There is an Obituary for Mrs. Esther (Rosenberg) Hillson, born Gardner, Mass. - in 1977, age 78 --
leaves two sisters Mrs. Eva Lodge and Mrs. Lillian Rome and two brothers, Julius and Philip Rosenberg. - https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-daily-item-esther-hillson-ob...
Accepting Lodge for Ladge, all five siblings match the children in the Death Notice for Fannie Rosenberg I refer to and link to above.

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And this is the Death Notice for Julius C. Rosenberg in 1983 - again, same five siblings.

And this is where Eva explicitly requested in 1964 to change name from Ladge to Lodge: https://www.newspapers.com/article/the-daily-item-name-change-ladge...

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And here is the Death Notice for the other Fannie:
Children are Harry Rosenberg, Mrs. Esther Rubin, Mrs. Mollye Blumberg, Mrs. Eva Ades
She is Fannie Ginsberg, has a brother Jack Zells

This Fannie on Geni is currently Wife of Abraham Rosenberg and Morris Ginsburg
She was added as FANNIE ROSENBERG, at some point not included in Revision Tab she morphed int FANNIE (ZELLS) ROSENBERG

Fannie (Zells) Rosenberg's profile was updated by Harvey Morris Kabaker birth surname
Feb 23, 2020. -- That is when her birth surname became Horwitz

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