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11/8/2010 at 5:21 PM


Perfectly all right; there's no rush.

Great sources about Sarah Hoskins are rare; usually the primary sources that refer to her reference her will and husbands, Thomas Meador and Henry Awbrey. There may well be a Sarah Hoskins who was married to Benjamin Eaton, but she seems to have been a different individual. The Thomas Meador/Henry Awbrey-marrying Sarah is referenced in several places. These also usually note her parents as Bartholomew Hoskins and Mira Dorcas Isham. Some say she was born and died in Massachusetts, others in Virginia.


In the worst case, I suppose, we may have to duplicate Sarah's profile, Sarah-2, edit her so she's one of the historical Sarahs (Hodgekins or Hoskins, either way) connect Sarah-2 to her proper set of parents, reassign Sarah-2's children to her (which may be difficult if she's not already in their tree), then disconnect Sarah-1 from Sarah-2's parents and children.

Then again, I'm not an expert in such matters.

I'll post the the links on her profile as well.

Showing 931-931 of 931 posts

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