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Lesy Danzig says: Hyman Banks came from Opsa. Bobbe Banks's family, the Fishers, came from Braslav and they got married and ran away to Glasgow because he was being called up to the Czar's Army. The map came from an old Reader's Digest that (Zalkind Banks) had and he showed me where his mother and father came from. So I put the page in the family album. Her mother meanwhile emigrated to the States along with Bobbe Banks' sister Dora. Cecelia, from what I understand, is her daughter. Grandma Banks' brother Sam also emigrated - to Canada - I think and his son, 'Red' Fisher is a well known sports journalist. Hyman Banks' brother - Abraham Bikoff came to Britain to join the Polish arm of the British Army and met Sonia Katzenell (Banks) in London. He subsequently changed his name to Alan Banks, stayed in Glasgow for a while, hooked up (and there is still a Fanny Banks or was, in Glasgow) with a girl in Glasgow then went off to South America where he married again and had Manya and Flavio. We met Manya and her family in Los Angelos. She has died now. Flavio's son, Brian Banks is a musical composer for films - he now lives in England - You can look him up on the net.
As for the other two ladies round the table I can only tell you that the one sitting beside Bobbe Banks is Aunty Ina (Balkin), Uncle Isaac's wife. I don't know who the other one was. Again perhaps Aunty Etty may remember.

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