12/21/2009 at 6:04 AM

When you add a tree @ let's say Tribal Pages they want to know who to consider the leader of the family. For LeForce we had Renald Rene I, for Jones we got my grandpa's dad cuz I can't get back any further then that, for Henderson I got somebody & for Cue I got somebody. That's 4 trees so that's 4 GEDCOM files. Plus some of my immediate family & I appear in all 4 GEDCOM files meaning 4 duplicates for all those people from the word go.

I don't know how it lets you use the same email address? I don't know if it lets you use the same email address? But if you bring a GEDCOM file over here you'll be tempted say LeForce under Renald Rene La Force I. But here you've just created what they call a zombie profile. It will look like this person has an account here AND manages things & people can contact them about merging duplicates. But the fact least in Renald Rene I's case...this person is deceased.

Then you'll add Jones under grandpa's dad except he's dead too. Actually I believe all 4 leaders are dead. That's 4 zombies & I don't know how many duplicates. And this is what I could do all by myself. If everybody uploaded GEDCOM files here...whew!

If this was a new tree & you could keep it small/personal 'til you first of all invite yourself...create an account...delete the 4 zombies accounts...& merge all the duplicates...well then nobody could say anything.

Of course now they won't let newbies just starting trees upload GEDCOM files...not unless you want to pay for a pro account right off the bat.

Pro account users are the only ones allowed to upload GEDCOM files. However...most of them belong at least to a shared tree if not "the big tree". These files have no biz being uploaded to either one. To allow them begs people not to bother looking around their tree or searching before adding more people. It begs them to go straight for the easy way out when it's too late now. It is the main culprit behind this never ending unpaid job (merge issues & conflicts).

If you've uploaded GEDCOM files & created a mess please go to Geni cuz if they catch you now they can probably delete it with a click of a button. But they can't so simply delete it if you invite or merge with people first. Otherwise same as if this was your own small/private tree if you delete the zombie accounts & merge the dups great. Otherwise if you merge with people & dump your mess in their lap you're going to upset a lot of people. I'm just letting you know. ;-)

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