Resnekov Graves on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

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12/21/2009 at 6:00 AM

Sent by Alex Walt, Dec 09,, from his nephew Benjamin Walt.
Can anyone help me place this information in the family tree??

A few of you have asked me for directions to visit the graves of
Avraham Ze'ev and Chana Golda Resnekov, our great / great
grandparents, and probably the oldest graves we know of in our family.

Avraham Ze'ev Resnekov was the son of Gershon in Posvol (modern
Pasvalys, Lithuania) and Chana Golda (maiden name unknown) was the
daughter of Zundle. Avraham Ze'ev was also known as Wolf Resnekov.

Avraham Ze'ev and Chana had 8 children, one of them Rosa Resnekovitz.
Rosa married Morris Phillip Walt in 1907 and had 6 children: Alec,
Ann, Eileen, Hymie, Isadore and Sydney.

Avraham Ze'ev, Chana and all their kids emigrated to Cape Town, where
Avraham Ze'ev ran a small leather business. Thereafter Avraham Ze'ev
and Chana Golda made Aliyah to Palestine with one of the sons, Louis.
My grand uncle Alec and my grandfather Sydney went to Palestine as
kids in 1926 and visited them.

Avraham Ze'ev and Chana died in Palestine and are both buried on the
Mount of Olives very close ot the grave of Rav Kook, which is a well
known gravesite.

It's not that easy to find so feel free to call me if you are in
Jerusalem (+972 52 748 7888)

But just so you all have them, directions from West Jerusalem:

*Drive towards Damascus gate and pass the gate on your right.
*A minute after passing Damascus gate stay straight through a circle,
the outer walls of the old city are still on your right
*Take a right and keep following your way around the outer walls of
the old city. You will now be on Derech Yeriko (Jericho Road)
*After half a kilometer you'll come to your first left, take it
*The main road will almost immediately turn to the right but you want
to stay straight heading up the mountain
*Once you get to the top (the car stops climbing) take a right and
you'll be heading towards the tourist centers/hotels on the top of Mt
Olives. At this point you should be following the maps attached to
this email.
*You will see the graves to your right and a slight turn to your right
going down a very narrow one way street. Take the slight right and
start driving down into the cemetary
*The road will take an incredibly sharp turn to the right, then it
will take a left and you will see the graves on your left.
*You will pass one gate on your left that is closed, then stop at the
next one, which should be open.
*Drive into the gate and park or just park illegally on the side.
*Walk into the gate and head straight ahead about 100 meters towards
some metal fencing straight ahead of you. HaRav Kook's grave is right
next to this metal fencing. It is not particularly easy to find,
except that it has lots of stones on top of it (see attached picture)
*Use the attached maps to find the blue circle.
*I have also attached a photo of Chana Golda's grave, as well as the
gate you need to go through.

12/23/2009 at 7:42 PM


I might be able to place this information on the family tree in, in the "About Section" on a profile, but I ca find neither Avraham Ze'ev nor Chana Golda Resnekov's profile.

Are either of them on Geni? If so, can someone post a link to them. If not, is there another profile where the information would be appropriate?

Also, since it is mentioned that the hometown is Pasvalys, Lithuania, I visited there in June, 2003, and have pictures of the city. If anyone is interested, you can find all of my Lithuania photos at: < >

12/23/2009 at 7:48 PM

Also, as a point of interest, it may not be a complete coincidence that they are buried close to Rav Kook. Rav Kook's wife was born in Panevezys, Lithuania, which is a city very close to Pasvalys. It is entirely possible that they were all acquaintances .

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12/23/2009 at 9:12 PM

Hi Mark
I will add them to geni once I find out exactly where they belong.
Your note about Rav Kook is so interesting! Thanks for the pics and info.

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