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12/22/2009 at 7:16 PM

Yaakov Pearson is one of David Pearson's 6 children (yes, they are below).
David Pearson is one of Bernard Pearson's 5 children (Frank, David, Mimi, Ruth, Joel - all but Mimi have their own children too)
Bernard Pearson is the step-son of one of my grandmother's (Hede Ritzewoller Cohen) sisters (Tante Elsa, the other sister is Tante Llena)
That makes Bernard Pearson my father Dieter's 1st cousin. Bernard's blood father and his wife Elsa perished in the Holocaust. Bernard escaped on kindertransport and later lived with my father's family in Philadelphia. At Bernard's wedding in the mid-1950s, my grandparents, Bernard's aunt and uncle gave him away. My father and Bernard were almost like brothers and my sisters and I grew up celebrating holidays with the Pearsons in the Philadelphia area.

12/22/2009 at 7:19 PM

Hi Allan,

Most of that is not in our family tree on Geni. Would you like to add it?

If I were to try, based on what you have written, I probably would make some mistakes. I will do the best I can with it when I get a chance if you don’t care to.

Meanwhile I have just added it onto your Geni profile page as a discussion.

Best wishes,


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