History of migration from Hu-Bei China to Indonesia

Started by Liang Chen Soei on Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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12/23/2009 at 8:52 PM

Hi everyone, let us use this forum to discuss the migration of our beloved grandfather / grand-grand father from Hubei China to Indonesia.
I’m interested, and some of you surely, to know how he lived in China and how he gained his skill in making prosthesis (Tukang Gigi).
As my father, Soei Man-Fa, was born in 1927 in Indonesia and his immediate brother, Soei Sun-Fa was born in China. We can guess that they came down to “Nan-Yang” around 1926.
Apparently they landed firstly in Singapore, wandered to Banjarmasin then Bandung (where my dad was born) before residing in Semarang (Kampung Melayu).
My knowledge stops at this.
It would be good if we can share the history of this man and his wife.
By the way, since we are all multilingual, please feel free to write in German, Indonesia or English English(sorry, very poor mandarin).
Well, I hope I’ll get some responses from you.
Liang Chen (Sydney, 24/12/2009)

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