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12/25/2009 at 2:03 PM

I was dismayed when I went to a shopping complex in Miri yesterday. I wanted to buy a phone and enquired if I could pay by Credit card. The response was "Yes, but we ad to add 3% to the total charges". I went to another outlet, and another, and another. All transferred the 3% which are supposed to be theirs for the benefits attached to the customers. A Federal Minister recently said its not right to do so, but do the businesses care. if almost all the outlets at Bintang Plaza in Miri can do it openly, it points to one thing - there is a lack of policing by the Authorities, particularly the Domestic Trade minitry in putting the culprits to book. it seems to mee that the authroties bark a lot but none of their dogs bite. if this continues, Malasia will beso unethical ints business dealings that it becomes useless to own a credit card.

2/14/2012 at 11:22 AM

Very old topic, but just contact the credit card company and tell them what store is charging their customers extra fee, which the credit card companies don't allow. The store could loose the permission of the card company to use their services.

Stores make less money when accepting credit cards, but that's their fee, not yours. It's not a police matter, it is the terms of use matter as stated by the contract between the credit card company and the business using their services.

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