Ehrenpreis Genealogy

Started by Ralph Ehrenpreis on Saturday, December 26, 2009


12/26/2009 at 8:30 AM

All Ehrenpreises are related, or are we? It appears that Ehrenpreis is an extremely rare
last name. I have found only a handful of family trees with that name:
Family#1- those descendants of Solomon Ehrenpreis(my great-grandfather who came
from Poland to New York,(see FTM vol. 25 tree 1150)
Family#2-those descendants of Fanny(Pearl?)Ehrenpreis, who came from Lemberg,
Galicia to Baltimore (see FTM vol. 2 tree 2782 & FTM vol. 5 tree 2831,
Family#3-those descendants of Sabina (Babbe)Sprintze Ehrenpreis, who came from
Lemberg, some settling in Sweden and some in the USA (including Marcus Ehrenpreis,
the one time Chief Rabbi of Sweden,
Family#4-those related to the brothers William & Joseph, who settled in New York City,
Family#5-those related to an Adolf Ehrenpreis who continued to live in Germany.
Family#6-those who spell the name Ehrinpreis, Ehrinpries
I am certain there are also an additional 1 or 2 families of which I am presently
With only a handful of families of Ehrenpreis, many originating from the same general
area of Europe it seems reasonable that we are all cousins.

If you wish to read more about the Ehrenpreis families, the source of the name, famous Ehrenpreises and more see -

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