The demise of Aunt Marie

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12/26/2009 at 1:06 PM

Aunt Marie passed away on December 6, 2009 at the age of 96, two weeks short of her 97th birthday. She was in a Nursing Home for some time and was getting dementia. Cousin Viola made all the arrangements and called me to confirm biographical information for the obituary. She had a long life indeed. She had married a Basque Sheep-Shearer in her early twenties. He was one of the fastest sheap-shearers in the Santa Maria Calif area. Uncle Agapito Hidalgo was a very handsome man. Aunt Marie went to live for a year with her mother-in-law from Texas to learn to cook Basque-style meals (for many men at one seating). Uncle Aggie had more that 12 brothers, all sheap-shearers/herders. Being the oldest sister when growing up, Aunt Marie frequently had charge of all Grandmas' children when Grandma took off for family visits to Mexico. Aunt Marie was very responsible at that time. I took my Aunt Helen from Vacaville and my Mother, Ynez in San Jose to visit Aunt Marie in Bakersfield when Aunt Marie still resided at her home in June 2004. I shared all the fond memories cousin Viola (my age) had about her older cousin "Nancy Ann" with my sister Nancy upon my return. We enjoyed reminiscing the family visits and summer stays with us (Grandma Felicitas) in San Jose by cousins Pauline and Viola in years gone by. Viola and I plan to visit again this summer.

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