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Butterfly Lovers is China's four major folklore is one of an oral tradition of legends, the story describes the Butterfly Lovers tragic love story.

The People's Republic of China government in 2003 declared the legend of Liang-Zhu UNESCO established the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. [1] in 2006 was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage site. [2]

Story gist

Ancient China Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Zhejiang Shangyu Zhu family with a daughter Lovers (also known as: I wish Jiumei), Nvbannanzhuang to Hangzhou, traveling, on the way encountered Hueiji to students Butterfly, the two will Xiangxie counterparts. Classmate three years, feeling strong, but still do not know The Butterfly Lovers is a Nv Ershen. Later Lovers interrupt their studies to return home. Butterfly Lovers to Shangyu to visit only when they know the three-year classmate's friend was actually female red makeup, people wishing to propose marriage to the wish house, this time had been betrothed to the Ma Wencai Lovers. After the Butterfly in the Yin as magistrate, because of over-depressed and died. Lovers get married, when, after a Butterfly's grave, sudden squally, the obstacles Bridal teams advance to the Butterfly Lovers decorated sedan chair, under the grave worship, Butterfly's grave collapse crack, Lovers into graves , followed by a pair of butterflies emerge in the grave, both fly.


Tang Dynasty Literature

Many Chinese have been documented in ancient books in the story of Butterfly Lovers. Was first seen in the early Tang Liang words contained in the "10 4 fan-chi": "Righteousness Women Lovers In Love with the mound." Zhang read the "propaganda Room blog," he wrote: "the British units, Shangyu Zhu Shi F, pseudo-To Men's Study Tour, and with those who graduated from The Butterfly Hueiji. Shan-po, the word at Jen. I wish the first go. two years, Shan-po's visit to the square know these as a woman, sense of loss Ruyousuoshi. sue their parents seeking recruits, while the Ma son carry on the words I wish had been. Shan-po after Yin Order, died, buried west of Mao. I wish proper Markov, Zhou Guo Tomb, Fengtao not enter. Q. Shan-po know that the tomb, I wish the board number and muses, to suddenly self-rifting , Zhu Shi Yan Sui and buried. Jincheng Xiang Xie Yue-Yi women Zoubiao its tomb mound. "in the" Yin County "," Ningbo House Zhi "," Yixing Jingxi Xin-zhi "and Jie You recorded the story of Butterfly Lovers.

Song Dynasty Literature

Zhang Jin, "Maps of roads Siming": Yi women mound, that is, Butterfly Lovers is also the same burial place. West ten-mile reception in the county hospital, there have been temple Cunyan. Note that the two little taste of the old classmates, ratio, and three years, but I do not know Bo-Chu Ying-tai Shan's for women also, so its simple and unadorned. Click "10 4 fan-chi," cloud, meaning women and the Butterfly Lovers with the mound, that being to have.

Song "Xianchun Piling Zhi" contains: "Zhu Ling” mountains of good volume, rocks in front of giant stone carvings, cloud studies at』 『Lovers, No.』 『Bi little hut. Xiyou poem that goes: beauties flying butterfly not seen , Bristol had plenty of fresh reading altar 』."

Yuan Dynasty Literature

White Park creation, "The Butterfly Lovers die married," the Drama [3], do not pass this.

Ming and Qing Literature

Ming. XU Shu-Pi "little recorded knowledge": The Butterfly, Lovers, who are the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Alan Hueiji, I wish the family Shangyu, students who for three years in Hangzhou, the situation is very good close. I wish the first go. LIANG Guo Shang search, Shi Zhi were females. Go sue their parents, want to marry the. Ma Xu Zhu has been the sub-carry on. Liang sense of loss is not fun, refusing to re-marry. After three years as the Yin Leung order, and died, last words buried Kiyomichi Yamashita. Also next year, I wish the father of the force, suitable Markov, tired and desires death. Guo Liang will be buried at the waves arrived, boats may not enter. Zhu Liang mound is made, speechless sorrow. Tsukamoto suddenly split, and wish to die cast Yan, Tsukamoto complex self-closing. Ma Wen being to in North Korea, the Grand Tutor Yi Xie please gifts for women.

Teijin, Liang Hin supernatural assist in the work re-cutting. Yousilimiao Yu Yin.
Orange 2 encircle the temple, there are butterflies, orange worm-eaten by the technology also, women and children in order to beam termed.

Press, Butterfly carry on different things. "Golden House child" and "Hueiji different smell," are documented. Fu female to male ornaments, obedient carry on. Ran always chaos could end up the same, very spiritual, as God men, and the universe, He do not have, not yet possible as evidence.

Ming, Feng Meng-long "Love Tianbao KAM": Butterfly, Lovers who are the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Alan Hueiji, I wish the family Shangyu, taste classmates. I wish the first go, Liang Guo Shangyu, after visiting other countries, Shi Zhi for women. Return is warning parents want to marry up while the children carry on Markov Xu Zhu has been. Liang sense of loss of loss. After three years as the Yin Leung order, sickness and death, last words buried Kiyomichi Yamashita. Also next year, I wish proper Markov, over the Department, Fengtao comes up, boats can not enter. Zhu Liang mound is made, aphonia mourning. Lifting his crack cast death wish. Ma Wen being to in North Korea, the prime minister labeled Yi Xie please women. Teijin (502), the beam was significantly supernatural serve, labeled loyalty. Emergency Li Miao Yu Yin-yun.

Qing Hao Qu "popular series": Bai Renfu Lovers. See Xuan chamber opera-chi, Taiwan, United Kingdom Shangyu Zhu Shi women. Pseudo-science for the men's tour, and Hueiji Butterfly who graduated from the same. Shan-po, the word at Jen. I wish the first two years go. Shan-po's visit to the square things knowing they were females. Sense of loss Ruyousuoshi, divisions of their parents seeking recruits. The wish has been the word Ma son carry on. Shan-po after Yin orders, dead buried west of Trade and Di. Lovers fitness Ma, Zhou Guo Tomb, Fengtao not enter. Q Zhi Shan-po tomb, I wish the board number and muses, ground suddenly from the rift, Zhu Shi Yan Sui and buried. Tomb of Yue Xie Jin Chengxiang Zoubiao their "righteousness Women mound."

Poetry & Drama

(Yuan drama)
(Drunken dire straits) Paranthropus on Iraq, did they know that during the real. Slave hearts feel pleased but not met. Do a statue Yan, unknowingly in many cases.

(Pong Dressing Table) thought of the fine, it turns out to be a pretentious disguise your child. Jian Zhao you more flirtatious, Jian Zhao shame you have no land, by Jian Zhao How do you have. Conditions such as intoxication, heart like crazy, do not Wuling Liulang a river.

(Formerly the chamber for the first) is to hide the truth of non-Iraqi Nujia the ancient Tao who are willing to get cheap office cheap. I fight Nye of visitors to fight for Chennai I am a girl. My parents old war Chennai, Chennai I myself was not the main competition. Today, the weight to see you, Ryuzo parrots the phrase-to-know.




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[編輯] 唐代文獻

中國許多古代典籍中都記載了梁祝的故事。最早見於初唐梁載言的《十道四蕃志》:「義婦祝英台與梁山伯同冢。」張讀的《宣室志》中寫道:「英台,上虞祝氏女,偽為男裝遊學,與會稽梁山伯者同肄業。山伯,字處仁。祝先歸。二年,山伯訪之,方知其為女子,悵然如有所失。告其父母求聘,而祝已字馬氏子矣。山伯後為鄞令,病死,葬鄮城西。祝適馬氏,舟過墓所,風濤不能進。問知山伯墓,祝登號慟,地忽自裂陷,祝氏遂並埋焉。晉丞相謝安奏表其墓曰義婦塚。」 在《鄞縣志》、《寧波府志》、《宜興荊溪新志》中皆有記載梁祝的故事。

[編輯] 宋代文獻

張津《乾道四明圖經》:義婦冢,即梁山伯祝英台同葬之地也。 在縣西十里接待院之後,有廟存焉。舊記謂二人少嘗同學,比及三年,而山伯初不知英台之為女也,其樸質如此。按《十道四蕃志》雲,義婦祝英台與梁山伯同冢,即其事也。

[編輯] 元代文獻


[編輯] 明清文獻






[編輯] 詩詞戲曲



(前腔換頭)奴家非是要瞞伊,自古道得便宜處誰肯落便宜。爭奈我為客旅,爭 奈我是女孩兒。爭奈我雙親老,爭奈我身無主。今日里,重見你,柳藏鸚鵡語方知。

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