The Geni Chart

Started by Jeff Nordhaus on Sunday, December 27, 2009


12/27/2009 at 7:54 AM

The genealogy on my father's side is so important. It is so nice to be able to pass this information onto my son. He is living in Los Angeles now, and my husband and I live in Indiana. As I begin to peruse the chart, I realize how little I know. My name is Eadye Simpson, I am Jeff's daughter, and the geni chart was passed to me after my Aunt Ruthie, Ruth Pearson, died. I have three sisters. Linda, Cindy and Sari. My youngest sister called yesterday. She and Cindy live in San Antonio, where we all born. We are scattered across the United States now. Linda lives in South Carolina. It is hard to believe at almost 55 years old how much the world has changed. The main problem with all this change is how hard it is to stay connected. This website has truly helped. It is our opportunity to truly show our families the difference family can make in each other's lives.

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