Narimantas / Narymunt was the second eldest son of Gediminas , Grand Duke of Lithuania...

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Wikipea: Narimantas / Narymunt (babtized 1777- died February 2th 1348) was the secod eldest son of Gediminas. During various period of his life, he ruled Pinsk, and Polatsk. In 1333 he was invited by Novgorod´s nobles to rule and potect territories in North, Ladoga, Oreshek and Korela. (Korela is finnish Käkisalmenlinna, swedish Keksholms-fästning at the town Priozersk, was founded by Karelians who named place Kaekisalmi (Kexholm). It was first mentioned in a Novgorodian chronicle of 1143 as Korela. Indeed, archeologist digs have reveaved a layer belonging to the 12th century. (Pentti Aleksi Roeppaenen 29.12.2009)

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